New York Still Alive

Victory more valuable to New York. By winning 84-89 at the Warriors, the Knicks are indeed returned to a Hawks game in the race for eighth place in the Eastern Conference. Enough to keep their hopes of play-off.

Orphan David Lee and Andrew Bogut, both injured, Stephen Curry (32 pts) has yet failed to prove that he was able to win a game all by himself.

new york still alive

New York Still Alive

Limited to 33 pts in the second half, the Knicks have been waiting the last five seconds to return to the Atlanta heels for 8th place in the East, with the same number of wins. Logically defeated (84-89) after a not address match (35%), Golden State is not immune to watch the playoffs on TV.

Golden State Too Clumsy

What did we not already written about the inconstancy of Warriors, their sickly irregularity, their inability to play on the same tempo for 48 minutes, quickly seal easy victories become complicated, not to rely on series to pack a game. We will not give a layer, a single figure summarize well the about: 12, as the number of points scored by Golden State in the second quarter time. A 15-0 cornaqué by Tim Harwaday Jr (15 pts) and JR Smith (21 pts), while Melo (7/21 to shoots) is on the bench, will be given 12 points to lead New Yorkers pause, annihilating a missed departure (3/15 begins with shots).

Without his two interior holders and disabled by the awkwardness of Klay Thompson (6/18) and offensive discretion pair Speights-O’Neal, the Warriors have relied to their All Star point guard to tie and aspire to a twelfth victory over the last thirteen confrontations in front of Gotham’s Oracle Arena. Steph Curry puts winning first two shots in quick succession at 2’42” of his term to return to -2 (72-74) before then to fill a gap of six units behind instigating a 6-0 concluded the arc in the corner (81-81).

Amare Stoudemire Dual

In the area, the fastest trigger Western spontaneously draws on the next possession, this time without success. Amar’e Stoudemire (15 pts, 13 rebounds) punishes the fault O’Neal on the repair line before a missed Andre Iguodala (12 points, 5 rebounds, 6 assists, but 1/4 on penalties) followed by shoot a jumper Carmelo Anthony. Klay Thompson chose this turn to score his third basket of the game and winning back the semifinalists Conference 2013 in possession of the extension. Melo will require two shots to Curry shooter 7m25. The swelling will return before exiting, a beautiful mess. On the final possession taking two heartfelt oblige this time the star of Draymond Green Bay to search on a risky lob pass. The leather will be intercepted by Shannon Brown, who will then conclude the work to throws.

With this success and before completing his road trip in Utah, New York has only two losses over the Hawks, whose free fall drags. Without convincing, the Knicks have never been so close to not completely miss their season. For the Warriors, the next trip to Dallas will be crucial, while the Mavs, ninths, are just two victories. David Lee could be reinstated, not Andrew Bogut.