Nantes, Auxerre Live 1-0 (2 MT)

Follow live the 8th finals of the League Cup between Auxerre and Nantes.

77 ‘The storyline of this knockout is far cruel to Auxerre , who mastered rather the debates from the kick-off, but has been too uninspired offensive in the area of truth.


76 ‘Listed trust, Canaris still rely on the left side, and Deaux Bessat combine but Coulibaly pushes the danger.

74 ‘GOAL Aristeguieta To Nantes !

AIM Aristeguieta Nantes! Originally Veigneau center of his left side, nobody takes, Djellabi attempts to identify his side of the head but the ball directly on Fernando Aristeguieta, who gets close range! Leo is on the path but can only slow the sphere, which goes into the goal!

71 Olivier Veigneau pulls on his left side, he sent a cross, but Willy Boly makes a tackle high class.

70 ‘Sawadogo Alert Riou

Ngando found Sawadogo in line, 20 meters, which carries the small bridge on Veigneau and connects with a flat foot, finally captured by Riou.

68 ‘Sawadogo tumbles back into the right lane, he filed Veigneau between the surface and looking for a solution, it serves Viale back but the defense of Canaris emerges!

66 ‘Coulibaly Close To The Frame!

Sammaritano loads suddenly distant floors, it is the head Coulibaly in the box, but the Malian sees his pass deflection just wide of the goal!

65 ‘AJA again enjoys a corner, which crosses the entire area without finding a buyer, Bessat hand against his first ball.

64 ‘Bessat Replaces Audel

One of the regulars, Vincent Bessat , made ​​its entry into the game, it replaces Audel obviously blunt.

62 ‘Sawadogo beyond right and center side, Frederic Sammaritano is too short to move his head, but he gets on the left continuity and wins a corner.

60 ‘Nothing serious Ngando Veretout and they both found their place in the midfield.

59 ‘Jordan Veretout and Axel Ngando, both world champions U20 this summer collide in an intense duel, the two young people remain on the ground and receive care.

56 ‘Duel between Sammaritano and Djidji is interesting to follow. The difference between the two templates is striking, but the small Auxerrois not loose anything.

54 ‘Viale deflected air balloon head to Sammaritano, Djidji anticipated but concedes the corner.

52 ‘The rate is much higher at the beginning of the second half, Nantes seems finally decided to get the qualification.

50 ‘Next Deaux

Nantes beautiful location! A corner, the Auxerre defense emerges wrong, the ball reaches the second post Deaux who wants to hit in force, he sends his attempt to frame side!

48 ‘What began in the second half! At one against Nantes, aborted by a bad center Nicolita succeeded against another, Auxerre, this time spoiled by an ill-fitting center Sawadogo.

47 ‘Djellabi Replaced Ramos

Note that Bernard Casoni was forced to make a second change at the break, was supplemented Djellabi Ramos on the left side of the defense.

46 ‘Back Cissokho!

What Auxerre occasion! Ngando ideally launch Sammaritano in the axis, which takes everyone speed weapon and a shot from the edge of the area, but Cissokho and flows perfectly against his attempt!

46 ‘Beginning Of The Second Period

Is back! Auxerre committed for the second act, where you must make a difference.

45 ‘Half-Time!

This is the pause Beaujoire! 22 players return to the locker room on goalless despite recent favorable position Johan Audel ultimately futile. Everything remains to be done to raise the quarterfinals!

45 ‘One minute of added time will be played, at least.

43 ‘Auxerre midfielder around Ngando demonstrates a real technical quality. Missing only the last pass before.

41 ‘FCN reacts at last! Bangoura first tries a shot from 20 yards, which passes over the goal of Leon, then comes an acceleration of Nicolita on the left, the center to Bangoura is not adjusted.

40 ‘Viale Above!

Auxerre ventured! Sammaritano is the ball for a kick out of the way right, he rolled the ball to the penalty spot, where Julien Viale deviates leather, above the goal Riou!

39 ‘Veigneau clears his camp, his kick turns into perfect opening for Nicolita, but he missed his control.

38 ‘Sawadogo recovers full balloon axis at 25 meters, it shifts Sammaritano on the left but his pass requires the diminutive winger to shift, but he manages to focus Cichero is required of the head.

37 ‘Castelletto is alone in his right flank, he raises his head and tries to lob a distant Riou advanced. The Nantes keeper folds well and captures the leather.

35 ‘Audel launches Nicolita on the right, loses the ball but recovers and fights well, it stings center Aristeguieta to back that control and volley, it is countered by Castelletto. There were better things to do!

33 ‘Deaux saw the call Nicolita on the right, he is Romanian but is logically reported out of play.

31 ‘The expected scenario does occur, Nantes is trying to take control of the ball while trying to take advantage of the AJA spaces against. For now, the lack of precision on either side.

29 ‘Sammaritano Goes Wide!

Auxerre is the first opportunity! Launched against a house is left, which launches Monconduit Sawadogo Ramos in his back, which center back to Sammaritano, alone in the penalty box, but the recovery of the former Ajaccien is too cross!

26 ‘Viale Replaces Kitambala

Blow to the AJA, Lynel Kitambala is forced to leave the pitch, hit in the thigh, it is replacing Julien Viale.

24 ‘lack pace in the early part, the fault of Auxerre who play their hand, making outwit their opponents tonight.

22 ‘Nicolita overflows on the right, center back to Audel, which is free of any markings, but the player on loan from Stuttgart does not fit his head.

19 ‘Nantes plays earlier in this meeting, but is exposed to counterattacks Auxerre, real trademark of the Burgundy club since the Guy Roux.

17 ‘Aristeguieta too slow! Audel escapes on the left, adjusts a center stretched removal, flush-to-earth, the second post Venezuelan poor control of the ball, it allows Boly to come back and fight!

16 ‘The first Auxerre hit! Ramos is served back to 25 meters, without asking the old questions Lensois weapon a heavy shot, which went from just above the goal of Riou.

15 ‘Auxerre has a good kick, offset left, but Riou wins with authority in its surface.

14 ‘Auxerre proceed against, Sammaritano starts on the left side, Cissokho won his duel.

13 ‘Aristeguieta is served promptly on the left of a button, it seeps into the surface but Boe-Kane has covered and clears for a corner.

11 ‘M. Delerue stops the game a few moments, because Lucas Deaux stays on the ground after contact with Monconduit. Nothing bad from the middle Auxerre, generous in his efforts.

9 ‘Kitambala is launched deep into the back of the defense, a duel looms but the flag is up for offside report, very limited.

8 ‘On a deep ball a priori trivial, Leo Donovan missed his speech at the limit of its surface, but recovers well and away from danger.

8 ‘Dominates Nantes, obtains two corners away, but both are unproductive.

7 Ismael Bangoura escapes into the back of the defense, he struck the left side, between the surface and crochet before hitting the left, the Auxerre defense regrowth.

4 ‘The Nantes game looks right at the beginning of the game, especially where young college Cissokho, right side always facing the offensive.

2 ‘Banel Nicolita tent first tumbled on the right side, it eliminates an opponent first but fouls in his duel.

1 ‘Kicks Off!

Go! Mr. Delerue, referee of the first knockout round of the League Cup, has given the first whistle of the evening.

0 ‘Michel Der Zakarian decided to rotate his squad for this competition, so it aligns only three players among those who played this weekend in Ligue 1. The club Nantes: Riou – Cissokho, Djidji, Cichero Veigneau – Nicolita, Deaux, Veretout, Bangoura – Aristeguieta, Audel.

0 ‘Problem for Auxerre, his best player, Paul George Ntep is suspended tonight. So load trio Sawadogo-Kitambala-Sammaritano to bend the Canaries defense, deemed solid. The eleven Auxerre: Leon – Castelletto – Boly, Coulibaly, Ramos – Monconduit, Boe-Kane – Sawadogo, Ngando, Sammaritano – Kitambala.

0 ‘If these two teams have coexisted last season in Ligue 2 Nantes now officiates in Ligue 1 and therein more than good, since the NCF is currently ranked 5th in the championship. Auxerre, for its part, had a very difficult start to the season, but is net return to form for several weeks, evidenced by its current 10th place in Ligue 2, just five points from the podium.

0 ‘Good evening to you all, welcome to our site to watch live the early knockout stages of the League Cup, a tour which sees European teams make their debut in the competition. The first game that concerns us tonight is a historic display of our national football, which pits FC Nantes AJ Auxerre.