Monfils Cornered Nadal

This is the poster of the day at the Australian Open: Rafael Nadal and Gael Monfils are found for a rematch of the final Doha saw the victory of the world No. 1. Rise of one against validation of a new discourse for another, to varying degrees, a match to a test for both men.

Rafael Nadal and Gael Monfils does leave more. Second tournament of the season for both men, and already their second face-to-face.


There are two weeks in the final in Doha, the world number one had won, not without difficulties since Monfils had stolen him a set (6-1, 6-7, 6-2). Suffice to say that their reunion in the third round in Melbourne appear to be the shock of the day, a poster that would not stage an odd quarter-finals. “Obviously, it’s a bit boring to play so early in the tournament,” loose the French, who, however, prefers remember “the beautiful side of this kind of games against big gentlemen, on large lots. It why we play tennis. ”

Gael Monfils knows what he’s talking about big man short par excellence, it is on the Central Roland Garros, facing Tomas Berdych and Ernests Gulbis , he probably delivered his best games in a 2013 sawtooth. But Paris without a coach for over a year now, seems to have taken good care of his chronic resolution of irregularities in 2014. After his fine run to Doha – no lost set against Giraldo , Gasquet , Brands and Mayer – he made ​​the wise decision to skip Sydney to better address the Australian Open. And the first Grand Slam tournament, he traces: three sets against Ryan Harrison and Jack Sock against three sets. Transient thinning or new maturity? It looks for the second option: “I grow up, I am aware of my qualities, most of my faults and try to move as far away Because I think now it will be my best years I ‘.. comes at a time when I feel stronger, less fragile. At maturity I won, I learned many things. I had ups and downs and I think that’s when the puzzle assembles and I’ll try to play these years background. This is not necessarily a waste, because I’m still young, I still have many years ahead of me in my career. ”

One Previous Grand Slam: U.S. Open 2009

“In Doha, Gael rose things I had not seen before, opine Mats Wilander. It is different. More determined than ever. Very sober. As on rails.” It is in the best possible way that former semi-finalist at Roland Garros – this was in 2008 – arrives launched against the winner of the event in 2009, Rafael Nadal. After six days of competition, it also appears as the first real test of the Spaniard, recipient of the abandonment of Bernard Tomic after a set in the first round, before disposing of an Australian guest Thanasi Kokkinakis certainly brave but still tender from the top of his 570th in the world. Meanwhile, Nadal relishes “pleased to be back after missing the tournament last year. There was a year I trained in Barcelona and all I saw of the Australian Open It was a few matches on Eurosport. I had not been able to watch the final. ”

If Rafael Nadal leads significantly, by 9-2, in the face-to-face against his younger three months, it is not strange that their second game at the best of five sets, after an eighth-finals at the U.S. Open in 2009, then won in four sets by Nadal. A detail? Last French to beat Nadal in Doha in 2012, Monfils hope not, who is not afraid of long fights and so far has not dug into its reserves, “All I know c ‘ is that I feel good, my body goes, I want to do well, and inevitably I have a big challenge ahead of me. This is both cool and a shame to play Rafa soon. Cool as it may give a crazy game. shame because if I win I’ll let whatever happens there a lot of gas and subsequently it will necessarily drive. And lose by having a good game, it’s annoying because that in the end it will have accomplished nothing. “Except to prove that, yes, the best Gael Monfils may still be to come.