Mikaela Shiffrin Of Gold In A Relaxed

Mikaela Shiffrin is a “killer. Alpine skiing. The American 19 became the youngest Olympic champion in slalom before two Austrians.

Do not be fooled by its small mischievous air and his winning smile. Mikaela Shiffrin is a “killer.” At least in the idea that Americans are champions, knowing let the feelings and emotions in the cloakroom while ignoring the famous pressure so dear to commentators.


Apparently the new and youngest Olympic slalom champion, who turns 19 on March 13, was never informed that this feeling is the worst poison that can be instilled in the neurons of sports.

mikaela shiffrin of gold in a relaxed

Mikaela Shiffrin Of Gold In A Relaxed

Unless Mikaela Shiffrin is immune against this scourge that has destroyed so many careers and torpedoed many potential exploits. This small bomb was born in Vail, Colorado, has started his international career in 2011. Since none of his opponents can not remember having seen consumed by stage fright one day race.

Friday night in Sochi, he had to be very relaxed and sure of her ski bib to put favorite slalom without blinking. It was an even stronger mind not to think more than a second ahead of his first rival (Germany’s Maria Riesch-Höfl) after the initial round, the worst was over. Indiscreet cameras have yet shown Mikaela Shiffrin smiling, signing autographs between innings.


Will remember she has sent a foul on the edge of a ski for a few meters on the second plot? The young American was so far ahead that almost half a second left there has not prevented precede both Austrian Marlies Schild, 32 – who took the silver medal in Vancouver as there four years – Kathrin Zettel and 27 years (bronze). Already world champion there a year Mikaela Shiffrin can drag this gold medal in the slalom crystal globe won last season and placed next seven trophies for many slaloms (already) won.

Competition pushed by her parents, a doctor father and a nurse mother who accompanies him on the trials world cup, Mikaela Shiffrin is certainly a gifted but above all a perfectionist worker. So she chose to delay his competitive debut for chaining weeks and months of training. The best way to erase any faults. Another detail Mikaela Shiffrin mother and daughter stay in Europe once the season started to not lose energy to travel. Surely his opponents would like to see take the tangent more often.