Michael Schumacher, Risk Appetite

Michael Schumacher, aka “The Red Baron”, has long been the undisputed master tracks of Formula 1, where he made his reign aggression and arrogance.

After definitely left his tub “Silver Arrow”, a Mercedes in November 2012 on a 7th place in Sao Paulo (Brazil) for his 308th Grand Prix, “Schumi” was a time considered a new career in the rodeo.


“My wife Corinna has already chosen the horse, I’m ready,” said then German, rejecting the idea of a return to motorsport. “F1 offers maximum emotion . No other car could not give me the same feeling, “he had insisted.

Point rodeo yet, but the position of “Mr. Security” Mercedes, the Stuttgart brand, with a “long term partnership” an amazing title for a man who never knew how to do things slowly.

Sunday, the risk was still present around the old virtuoso asphalt when off-road, struck a rock on the slopes of Meribel in the French Alps while skiing with his 14 year old son.

First Title After A Collision

Already a victim of a motorcycle accident in 2009 in Spain, which he had emerged touched a cervical vertebra and skull, Schumacher did everything fast.

The most successful in the history of Formula 1 champion, with seven crowns before the Argentine maestro Juan-Manuel Fangio (5), “Schumi” has won 91 F1 wins, 69 pole positions and 77 fastest laps. It has long crushed the competition in its class but also arrogance.

Symbolically, it is also a collision with Damon Hill, his British rival at the last GP of the season in Adelaide (Australia), who offered him his first world title in 1994. Six months after the death of Ayrton Senna, the great Brazilian champion, broke in Imola (Italy) when he had to win three.

In 1997, the German driver is even excluded afterwards Championship for a new exhibition, again at the last race of the season, with another pilot Williams, Canadian Jacques Villeneuve this time.

Married with two children (a boy and a girl), Schumacher has long been a champion cold flight as aggressive as graph. After the first two titles in the Benetton Hall (1994, 1995), the German master will risk everything and win everything at Ferrari: five straight titles from 2000 to 2004, after four seasons running. This is the triumphant period, the “Red Baron” in a dream team with Ross Brawn as technical director and Jean Todt as a great patron of the Scuderia.

A young Spaniard, Fernando Alonso, then break the monopoly. Schumacher finished third in 2005, second in 2006, and in particular does not support failure: “My batteries are flat,” he said in late 2006. This is his first retirement, 15 years after his first GP, that of Belgium in 1991.

Finally Humble, Mercedes

The roar of engines will soon miss the “boss” of F1. Three years later, in early 2010, he returned, in the colors of Mercedes, at the request of Ross Brawn. But in three seasons he never won his 92nd GP. And fall 2012, is a vamp: it is replaced by Briton Lewis Hamilton, the 2008 world champion. The new master of F1 is another German, Sebastian Vettel, nicknamed “Baby Schumi” to debut on the karting track the Schumacher family.

“Losing is both more difficult and more instructive than win,” says he, then, in a flash of rare humility in him.

Born in Hurt, on the outskirts of Cologne, January 3, 1969, the son of a mason and a canteen is very quiet since his second retirement. Swiss resident tax climate forcing, it is not in the flashy and does not occupy the headlines.


Just made it about him last June, when it promised half a million euros shipwrecked historical floods in Germany. In 2004, he had already given 7.5 million euros for victims of the tsunami in the Indian Ocean.

Amateur go-kart from his childhood, Michael Schumacher likes speed. When he was four years old, his father team his car with a small engine moped. He immediately demolished by stamping a lamppost. Forty years later, five days of his 45th birthday, it’s still taking risks that put his life in danger.