Masters: Rescue Operation For Roger Federer Against Juan Martin Del Potro

Roger Federer is playing a real Masters quarter-final against Juan Martin Del Potro . The opportunity for Switzerland to raise the balance of the season too dull for him.

Keep calculators and doliprane. This time, no need to scenarios or calculations need to be done Math Sup. Forget the chickens. Saturday afternoon, it is a real quarter-final that will play Roger Federer and Juan Martin Del Potro. After the first two rounds of match, Group B offered a clear scenario: Novak Djokovic qualified and insured in the first place. Richard Gasquet eliminated. So Federer and Del Potro still in contention for the second ticket for the last four. Luckily, they clash on Saturday.


If the challenge is the same for both men in this match cleaver, it is of particular important for Roger Federer. The Swiss just experienced its worst season since more than ten years. It is predicted an irremediable decline, when he was still a dream golden future, convinced that the difficulties of 2013 are only temporary and due to its recurring physical problems. As he insists that his body finally left alone, he needs to validate this new beginning with a successful outcome. This requires a qualification for the semi-finals in London.

Djokovic Put On Three sets

In 11 appearances, Federer remained once on the floor at the “round robin”. That was in 2008. For the rest, it has risen 11 times in the last four. A record. Should leave the scene with a single victory against the minnows counter Richard Gasquet, it would be difficult to argue that Federer is indeed go again. Yes, it plays much better than this summer. But he still has much trouble to beat the best. Three small victories against members of the Top 10 in 2013. For comparison, Djokovic has obtained new, nothing since the U.S. Open. Good news for Federer, however, one of those three victories was signed against Del Potro, not later than the last week in Bercy.

Between these two, while often playing with a knife. This is what was emphasized Novak Djokovic, asked to give a prognosis. “Frankly, it’s hard to say, he has said. All their games are extremely tight. Roger plays much better than the last few months, I can guarantee, and he likes it short, these conditions. But of On the other hand, Del Potro’s huge service. I see a match in three sets. But I can not pick a favorite. ” A real response Normand. But we can understand the world number two. For a year and a half, the last six games between Switzerland and Argentina all went to the limit: five in the third set and fifth in their unique dual Grand Slam at Roland Garros in June 2012.

It should probably expect a game of the same ilk Saturday. And it is not displeasing to Roger Federer, apparently confident in the idea of ​​delivering a knife fight. Because he has taken the habit of playing this type of game for a few weeks. “I do not come back from a serious injury, but full of glitches, ups and downs, and I feel back to a good level of play in this time,” he recalled a again after his victory against Richard Gasquet. Del Potro beat for him would mean more than a place in the semifinals. It would, also, confirming he finds a certain standing at the end of the year.