Magic Vettel?

Can you imagine Sebastian Vettel receiving the nickname “Magic”?

“Magic” is obviously Ayrton Senna. “Magic” because he could succeed breathtaking things behind the wheel of an F1 car, especially in its infancy.

First season on a modest Toleman-Hart he leads, in the rain, to an incredible second place in the streets of Monaco in 1984. And if the race was not stopped because of rain and for the leader Alain Prost (McLaren on), the Brazilian would probably have won.


Then two seasons at Lotus-Renault, the famous black arrows 1985-1986. A first victory in Portugal in 1985, obviously in the rain, the factor that levels the performance of cars and allows the talent to express themselves.

Why Talk About “Magic” Senna Today?

I thought about the Brazilian nickname while F1 goes to Japan and Suzuka track. Senna was revered in Japan and attracted record crowds at Suzuka. The demand for tickets was in his time as the Grand Prix organizers had set up a lottery to proceed with the sale of tickets.

Why Talk About “Magic” Vettel Today?

Because we feel unloved German driver the general public. To the point of sometimes being booed when he mounted the podium.

There Are Two Reasons:

His victories seem so easy, driving a Red Bull dominance, it does not relieve the aura of a pilot able to surpass the shortcomings of his car, as Senna could.

The German has eight wins this season. Whenever he left the first or second place on the grid.

Compare with Fernando Alonso and Ferrari. The Spaniard won the third starting (China) and fifth (Spain). He finished second five times, starting 5th (Australia), 6th (Canada), ninth (Belgium), 5 (Italy) and 7th (Singapore). We feel we know he is fighting to collect the crumbs left him Vettel.

Some drivers are not glittering awards made history precisely because of their fighting spirit, their attitude to never give up. One thinks of Gilles Villeneuve, who was struggling with a defective frame, but fortunately with a good engine. One can think of Ronnie Peterson, Jean Alesi.

The other reason for lack of popular fervor for Vettel may be the employer.

Is Red Bull is a dream race fans as stables legend as Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes, Lotus, Williams?

Is a company that sells cans to dream as high performance car manufacturers (Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes / AMG)?

The selling 5.226 billion cans for a turnover of 6.4 billion allows the Austrian company Red Bull Racing to the team the better off the shelf with Ferrari, with a budget estimated at about 400 million (but Ferrari manufactures its engines, while RB has a Renault cheap).

But even more unpleasant – and this is a very personal opinion – is that Red Bull (Toro Rosso and industry) has sabotaged the efforts of FOTA (the association of Formula One teams), who had managed to sign by all teams an agreement expenditure restraint.


By dissociation of FOTA, Red Bull showed she had at heart than his own interest. While destroying the bargaining power of FOTA to the commercial rights holder.

Red Bull has a roller that does not attract the sympathy side. This inevitably rubs off on his driver.

In Addition It Cheating?

Despite numerous accusations in recent years, Red Bull has never been punished for going too far in the interpretation of Regulation (flexible front wing, floor opening, adjusting the ground clearance, relationship nonlinear reaction between accelerator and the engine, etc.

Let’s be honest, all the engineers are trying to play in the gray areas of the law. So bravo to the chief designer Adrian Newey if he shows more ingenuity than his colleagues.

In the aftermath of the Singapore Grand Prix, Red Bull was again singled out, then an ugly rumor reported a traction control system (which is illegal) used in the exit. All based on the sound of the engine.

In fact, it is surely a matter of electronic engine management. We know that Renault and Red Bull collaborate closely in this area, which allowed Red Bull to master, and before all, the phenomenon of blowing exhaust.

We know that these gases are directed very specifically to the rear of the car to create downforce. Electronics and “plays” in the engine since there blowing even when the driver lifts his foot.

A weighty Issue:

The question of the weight of the pilots grown in Korea, while the poor Nico Hulkenberg, who wrote a fantastic 4th place in Yeongam, still has no contract for 2014 because of its size and its weight.

Obviously, the teams began to realize that they will have difficulty meeting the minimum weight of 690 kg.

But there are solutions. Amend the definition of minimum weight of the car including the driver. Or provide a weight in each car varies depending on rider weight.

Is it really so difficult to solve?

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