Maestri: “A Ferocious Desire To Get Well”

The second line in Toulouse, replacing against the English, do not hesitate to speak of revenge against Italy, who beat the Blues last year. He also mentioned his status as successor, who will push harder.

What Is Your View On The Italian Team?

Yoann Maestri: It is necessary that we have a lot of respect for this team. In February, they had made us very difficult to start the tournament.


During this tournament, they played better than us and finished before us. They have to be treated in the same way as Ireland or Wales. Do not have sufficient, if we pay cash. We noticed it against Wales, which is generally efficient in Cardiff, they have not released anything and their defeat is honorable (23-15), although they had taken an entry test.

Will There Be A Spirit Of Revenge Against The Italians?

Course. We need humility we make evidence. They must be respected as a team that finished ahead of us. We’re on the starting line and they are ahead of us. To us to catch up and ensure that returns front. It will take a lot of determination and a fierce desire to get well. Like it or not, we can talk about the history of the two nations in terms of rugby, but the present results, it is …

This Defeat Had Haunted You?

She had done much harm us. That’s … I do not know if this has sealed the rest of the season. It could very well get up, do not look for excuses.

“We Must Have The Humility To Recognize That We Have Been Missing Out On Victory”

Italy Is Often Summarized His Forwards And Scrum

It summarizes a little too often in their package fronts. In Cardiff, they scored a test against brilliant. Last year, they had us well crushed in defense when we were in positive actions. Against, they had punished us brilliantly, too. They made us very poorly on a test where they go back almost 80 meters of land, after three, four playing time with great speed and technical accuracy. You have to be very rigorous and respectful. Do not think that against Italy, it will be easy. In the field, we know that is not true. This year, they emerged from the experienced players, the oldies .

The replacements Were Decisive Against England. How Did You Approach This Meeting?

We play 23. The start was very good, we then had a moment of doubt and we suffered. The final was extremely positive for us. It required nothing release. We knew it would be hard to beat, given our past performance. But we wanted to give everything. But we must have the humility to recognize that we have been missing out on victory. Nobody would have cried vol. We are very happy, but quickly moved on.

It’s Hard To Come Into Play When The Team Suffers?

(He thinks) When you’re on the pitch, it has only one desire is to help colleagues. You feel useful when entering and bringing fresh blood. Must weigh things too, do not ignite, do anything and want to bring something that is not in your role. Everyone did their duties. It is important that everyone has a role. In any case, we are very happy that Gael (Fickou) is marked. He made ​​his dive . (ironic smile) In the right place. I was in line and I do see, I think it’s good . Finally, he plunges there (not under the posts), I think “be buried” (with emphasis Toulon).

“Do Not Expect To Be Stung To Work. Whatever Your Position”

After Several Consecutive Tenure, You Were Replacing Last Saturday. How Do You Feel The Team Competition In France?

We must act collectively. When I think about it, individually, I have been fortunate to have a lot of tenure, positive things. We must also accept that (being replaced), and increase of work. When one holds, or pseudo-holder since things are going very fast, it works. Replacement must redouble work. Whatever the choice of coaches, we must give the best to have nothing to regret. After that, we do not make the choice, we must accept it. Without falling into pessimism.

That You He Stung?

Do not expect to be stung to work. Whatever your position. Everything goes very fast in high performance sport. Gael (Fickou) is proof, he did not think back and it is crucial. Some say it was easy but nothing is in the sport. He could make a bad choice, he remained focused and determined.

Alexander Flanquart A (more Mobile, Less Focused On Combat) Different From Your Profile. This Will He Pushes To Change Your Game Or Improve Your Strengths?

A little of both. Always try to improve their strengths, so that they remain so. And try to erase what you reproach. It should work out the details. Do not rest on its laurels.

Physically, How Do You Feel?

Okay. It is go … (Smiles) “Quiet.”