Lionel Messi Ballon D’Or, FIFA World Cup, The Seven Issues Raised His Injury

With a torn muscle in his left thigh which depart land six to eight weeks, Lionel Messi is replayed over the year 2013. Six months before the World Cup and both the Ballon d’Or, la Pulga raises questions. The frequency of injuries, including recurrent is too not to worry

The statement formalizing the unavailability of Lionel Messi for six to eight weeks has dampened the mood on Monday at noon. Questions about the fragility of La Pulga too often injured (e) this season, are global. Golden Ball for the World Cup, we review past seven main questions that accompany the little Argentine genius.


Messi can Still Aim For The Ballon D’Or?

A priori, the injury does not change much the problem that arose about one-fifth of Argentina’s coronation. If one refers to the statistics or the titles won this season, Cristiano Ronadlo ( Real Madrid ) and Franck Ribery ( Bayern Munich ) leave with or even ahead of the Barcelona. But since 2009, Lionel Messi has become accustomed to lift the most prestigious individual award. And in 2010, it was far from a favorite, just like this year. Outstripped the number of shares by Sneijder and teammate Iniesta , scorer in World Cup final, the Argentine had still received the Ballon d’Or. His chances of lifting the trophy in 2013 are low, but the appreciation longer refers to its performance and track record to this injury.


Except that, since 2010, the award of the Ballon d’Or settlement has changed. It rewards the best player in the world. And in that game, Lionel Messi is still and always in the race.

A He Started His Career Too Soon?

This is one of the questions that come with each new injury the star of Barca. Regular starter for the first team since 2004, Messi was only 17 years old at the time of its inception. Early outbreak that inevitably raises questions, especially as La Pulga arrived at the Masia with growth problems, then treated with Norditropin, a growth hormone. Taking such treatment during training, combined with a very young back in the world of professional football and major physical requirements could explain – at least in part – many injuries Argentina.

Barca will He Give The Keys To Neymar?

With different muscle problems known by the Argentine since the beginning of the season, FC Barcelona is somewhat accustomed to having to deal with this situation. Numerically, Messi should be replaced by Fabregas at the forefront of the attack Blaugrana, when it returns to its small sprained knee. Tactically, it is more complex. Naturally, the offensive leadership will return to Neymar.


The Brazilian was anyway somewhat seized during the hollow Messi (four games without scoring). Saying he has the keys to Barcelona seems a stretch. For Barcelona, ​​it is also and above all a well oiled team that works wonders even without one or two of its stars.

Can He Missed In The Title Race In La Liga?

It has been said, FC Barcelona used to manage the absence of Messi. This is not the first time. And with the schedule the Blaugrana will face in the absence of their Argentine playmaker, the Catalans do not really have anything to worry about. Granada, Athletic Bilbao , Villarreal and Getafe in La Liga, this is far from the monsters of war. Even without Messi, Barcelona should win without too much trouble (watch matches traps). The two meetings of the Champions League (against Ajax and Celtic), they no longer really matter, FC Barcelona are already qualified. If Messi will miss both legs of the King’s Cup (playoffs against Cartagena), it was not even certain to play. It is unlikely that the absence of a material adverse effect door Blaugrana. This relapse also deprive Lionel Messi two friendlies that should play next week against Argentina, Ecuador and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

His Repeated Injuries They Worry Barca?

“It will surely as we were talking with him to see if he feels a certain degree of anxiety,” said Barcelona coach Gerardo Martino. “This is the third episode he knows, of course, at a certain time it may have an influence on his head.


” Failing to show its concern vis-à-vis the number of injuries experienced by Lionel Messi, Barcelona’s staff has demonstrated an amazing calm, even taking the concern of the player to his own body as a major concern. It is true that Argentina must begin to doubt find the entire physical means. Hence the fears of fans of the Catalan club. “The wounds of Messi are a major problem” for the club, says Josep Maria Casanovas, the editor of the journal Sport in Barcelona. The situation “began to be a concern if not alarming.” See you in 2014 whether it will become catastrophic.

Can It Get More Fit For The World Cup?

With only ten official matches this season, Lionel Messi is currently in idle mode. With two more months to heal but also to rest for the World Cup in Brazil in June. It is clear that the Argentine will have a more important that those who play 80 games in 2013-2014 freshness. However, this conclusion would only be valid if Messi came to know a second part of the season without any real injury. A kind of antithesis of the first part of year 2013-2014 so. If this is the case, the star of the Albiceleste will have both the pace and freshness needed for a good World Cup.

Physicians Barcelona They Give The Green Light Too Soon?

Since its tear in his right thigh reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League against the PSG , Messi keeps know new injuries. After starting the new season with problems in his left thigh in August, he saw the end of September a new muscle problem in his right thigh, which earned him two weeks of downtime. On his return in mid-October, Messi seemed not to have the same range than usual. Each time, the Argentine player seemed back sooner than expected, as if it was necessary to bring back Messi. Is it a problem of judgment physicians Catalan club or coach Tata Martino replayed striker too soon? That nobody knows. Anyway, according to Cesc Fabregas , Messi should at all costs away land to regain its form: “Messi has to stop, take the time it needs to find its complete form Something similar m. ‘had arrived and I was very frustrated. You think all is well at first, but this is not the case. I was very disappointed to miss many games, but I knew I was in Barcelona and I would continue to grow. I treated my injury away from land. Messi should do the same, take the time to recover if he does not want to get worse, “said the Barcelona Canal Plus.