Koita Champions Of The World The Dream

Unlike Blues Saint-Andre, France female team before facing Scotland remains in contention for a potential Grand Slam. A vital objective for this group to exist in the shadow of boys and take time before the World Cup held in France this summer.

Meeting with Assa Koita (22 years, 16 Sel.), Second line of Bobigny and spearhead (1.82 m, 100 kg) of the new generation.

Assa, If You Are Told That The Team Of France Is Condemned To Grand Slam Success To Point The Spotlight On The World Cup This Summer In France

There is no secret. More results is more media coverage and public interest can only grow to the World Cup. It would in any case a beautiful image of the France team and encourage it, I hope, the largest number to follow the World Cup and watching the girls.

koita champions of the world the dream

Koita Champions Of The World The Dream

We started with a good foundation against England, the dynamics is positive on this tournament with a series of victories and this objective Grand Slam. One has especially close ties and welded two years group. We all want! World champions, it would be a dream!

When We Go On A Field With This Team Jersey Of France Women Beyond The Cock, It Feel Invested With A Special Responsibility? To Represent Women’s Rugby?

(Categorical) For my part, I believe that we are totally responsible, we are the first actresses who play on the field with this shirt. Us to show our value, represents women’s rugby as it is practiced throughout France and the eyes of the world. All the girls who play rugby are involved and represented. I hope that our results can evolve women’s rugby. And in general, women’s sport.

“We Live Rugby Final!”

In View Of The Investment, Are We Suffering From This Exposure Deficit?

I have always lived this lack of media coverage since I arrived in the fifteenth and then me, the moment that gives me a lot! Of course we suffer. We would be pro, to be recognized. But we train every day, you know (smile). A result of three workouts per week club, three weight training sessions excluding individualized training by weeks with or without match. But it takes us every evening. We start to work with our bag. You come home from work, we file directly to muscle.We live rugby final. I prepare competitions monitor educator, but when you are passionate as is our case to all, there is always time. It became a habit, and then when you love (laughs).

The XV Of France Philippe Saint-Andre, It Is What You And Your Teammates?

It has players which we refer. And attitudes, gestures. It is true that offensive veneers Dusautoir repeat, this is something. The “cad-deb” for the wingers, the chistera. Me, I analyze the second lines in general. Because all profiles are different. Although my position, my reference, it is rather the “butchers” South Africans. Because I like the fight, when it’s hard! (Laughs) All clear, all clad, I love it.

When You Have As You Grow In The Paris Region, How Do We Find The Women’s Rugby?

I do not really know anything, but I had a friend who practiced in UNSS college. I had quit the sport for a year after a bit of everything, I was sixteen. She told me to come and try. My first reaction was rather: “But you’re mad. I see on TV is too violent”. The usual cliches, what. I attended a training session, it looked interesting, and the next, I was there with my stuff on the ground. I was hooked in combat and values, team spirit, girlfriends, whose closest today come from the middle of rugby. But especially the values ​​of real life found there. It gives me a great educational example.

“Talking Rugby Suburbs, It’s A Cliche”

Would You Say That Rugby Is Rather Conservative And Slow Itself To Recognize The practical Feminine?

I think it goes from strength to strength. That I play rugby, it raises today more interest and curiosity than anything else. We see ourselves as warriors, it’s positive. While there are a few more years, we were told: “But you serious? This is a man’s sport, you’ll hurt yourself, be disfigured.” And here I am, I am intact face (smiles). There the battle, but this is not the sport of gross sometimes wants to describe. Must know how to play intelligently and it causes more and more respect. I have more friends who want to practice. I was asked next televised match, it’s nice.

When Mourad Boudjellal Denounces French Rugby Would Miss The Tremendous Potential Of The Suburbs, You Agree?

Although for me, talking rugby suburbs, it’s a cliche. Whether or Montpellier Bobigny, rugby is the same, the same rules, the same grounds. Rugby suburbs, it will allow us to play the finals in April, the highest national level. In terms of this potential, however, it is true that having grown up in the suburbs, I know plenty of people whose hyper interesting profile would explode (sic) in rugby. This is not a cliche to say: great blacks, beefy, fast, have their place in rugby. There are not as athletics and football. But rugby is not sufficiently known in the suburbs, not developed enough, even if there is more of “commuters” who come. Because everyone has a chance.

In French Society, Where Problems Abound, It Is A Model That Can Count?

That is clear. We find girls around this team. Each brings its history, it lives, it sounds simple, but it can open up new horizons. It’s fun to exchange and share everything together. With rugby, that’s cool.