Kobe Bryant Can He Fight Against The Passing Of Time?

Kobe Bryant already returned to the hospital with a fractured knee. Absent for the next six weeks, the star of the Los Angeles Lakers just recovering from a ruptured Achilles tendon

Income on the grounds there is less than 15 days, Kobe Bryant already joined the infirmary , and a month and a half! Blame it on a tibial plateau fracture, following a slight twist of the knee in the 3rd Quarter of the game against the Grizzlies. A blow to the player, the Lakers, but the NBA . Without Kobe, the NBA no longer has the same charm.


Back after eight months of downtime , Kobe will have played 6 matches. This is four fewer than Derrick Rose, who, too, has a knee injury after missing 18 months. It is also worse for Rose since it is not seen again this season … Except that Rose is only 25 years, and Kobe has 10 more.

Kobe Bryant: Two Big Injuries In Eight Months

Obviously, you can not link their destinies. Rose is much younger, and his injury is more of compensation with too powerful support on the knee was not injured. Kobe, I am afraid, however, that this is a message from his body. This is a fracture on a single slide, and it shows that his body is tired after 17 years of NBA, and tens of thousands of minutes spent on the ground. It also shows, and I stress this, that any absence of several months to be followed by a smooth recovery. As Rose, Kobe got carried away by his enthusiasm, playing more than 30 minutes in the last three matches. So excited after his fall in the third quarter, he continued to play.

Kobe’s Body Sends Signals

Tonight, he joined the infirmary with a fracture that does not require surgery, but that is a fragile place, the head of the tibia. Any knee injury, fracture or tear, also leaves traces. In knee alignment but also in wear (osteoarthritis). Kobe Bryant is 35 years old. His bones are more fragile. Tendons also, as we saw with his injury in April. Unfortunately, I think his body sends strong signals, and even if Kobe has mastered hundreds of enemies, can he overcome the time password? A question that arises no doubt teammate Steve Nash, stuck in the infirmary of the Lakers for several weeks, and still does not know when he can play again. He turns 40 in early February.