Kevin Durant (46 Points) On The Cloud: OKC – Portland.

Since January, Kevin Durant explodes counters and Portland helplessly at the show popular in NBA: getting to his knees by the firing of the greatest gunner of the West (105-97).

Leading almost the entire game, the Blazers LaMarcus Aldridge (29 pts, 16 rebounds) undergo Lightning winger Thunder, passing the 40 pts for the fourth time in 2014!

Trail Blazers Thunder Basketball

Late in the third quarter and fourth time, this is the best scorer in the league (46 pts!) Bringing OKC on his immense talent!

Kevin Durant:  “I have to do more to help my team. I must have more impact. “

Look down and ankle in ice, Kevin Durant then digested badly a crushing defeat at the Pepsi Center in Denver. Busa attends mea culpa in a gloomy cloakroom as a plain of Waterloo. Since this confession, the All Star winger performs better half of his career: 8 consecutive games over 30 pts! Vexed by two losses prior to face Blazers, KD was not content to continue his series on a note to 46 units, it was decisive in all the crucial moments of a game dominated for 42 minutes by Portland.

Portland Misses The Boat

End of the first half, it was he who order the first revolt dolphin Spurs. OKC passes for the first time to 8 seconds intermission but Damian Lillard (6/15 and fanny behind the arc) gives Portland head at the buzzer on a drive with ease. Opportunistic, Durant scoring caters host (20 pts in the first half), aided by the greedy Reggie Jackson (15 pts 7/18, 5 wt, 7 rebounds) while Serge Ibaka (4/15 and 5 rebounds) is embarrassed by Aldridge and Thomas Robinson.

OKC fishing clumsiness (42%) but holds up well thanks to the rebound bench (10 taken to the Adams-duo Collison) and lost only two balloons. Drafts by end of quarter time, Portland striker an 11 pts, built by Mo Williams (13 pts in the first period, no second) and tripled Aldridge-Lillard-Matthews, author of 46 of the 52 points of Rip City. Batum plays but remains silent after 17 minutes concluded by a single shot attempt. Portland has not capitalized on its success (57%) and 4 stray bullets.

After twelve minutes of quasi copy and paste the Thunder back in front after a 11-0 orchestrated by who you know. Even more awkward, the former leader of conference will be counted up to 10 point lead with 6 offensive rebounds and class duo Aldridge-Matthews. The battering of KD, standard background like snow under a dodger Oklahoma. Author of the last 8 points of the Thunder, the best scorer NBA will even pushed one man gang style issued until the assist for a winning shot by Derek Fisher.

OKC, Only The Second In The West

Returns to Portland after 4 minutes in the last quarter, with 10 pts duo McCollum-Matthews. Batman and his gang are still at +5 to 3’45 “of the term. During the Homeric anger on an offensive foul he considers unjust ends with a fist on the scorer’s table. The referees whistle for a technical foul. Mad, the Olympic champion will then register 11 points, including two award-winning shots in the final 60 seconds to extinguish the flame of the Blazers. With 17/25 and 6/7 7m25, MVP power supply OKC ninth win in their last fourteen matches since the injury to Russell Westbrook. Portland recorded his second straight loss and points to the success of his executioner in the evening, to third place in the conference.