Jean Baptiste Gonnet I Did A Lot Of Nonsense

INTERVIEW – From 2 to 5 November in Malaga (Spain), Jean-Baptiste Gonnet, 31, has a rendezvous with destiny. Unable to finish in the top 110 of the Race, the Cannes is now condemned to go through the cards. PQ2 first, then PQ3 if all goes well, expect to play again on the European Tour in 2014. Easier said than done!

What Mood Are You Before Attacking The PK2 In Spain?

Morale is much better than mid-year when I played really badly. I had that moment of worry to put one foot before the other. I scorais ever, I was in the blur.But now it is much better. So, okay, I found the PK2.It’s pretty hard to take.

jean baptiste gonnet i did a lot of nonsense

Jean Baptiste Gonnet I Did A Lot Of Nonsense

This is a true way of the cross, we do not hide it. But in my head, I am much more confident. I play much better golf for three or four weeks now. There are now nine out of ten chance that it goes well. There are also nine chances out of ten that I keep my card at PGA Catalunya in mid-November (10 to 15).

And Though, If It Does Not Smile You, What Do You Do?

I’ll play on the Challenge Tour. It is sad to say but that’s how. That’s life. It is not death.But it is true that at this time I fall up because I think always have the level to place myself in the top 50 European players.

Have You Analyzed The Reasons That Bring You Today To Save Yourself The Cards?

I did a lot of nonsense. I had a lot of coaches this year. I went to the right and left. I am completely lost. Upon arrival, I quickly returned to the street. Then it’s hard to regain the trust because the courses are complicated. It’s a tough gear but above all that I so. Technically, it gets better. Same physically even though I’ve known glitches. So all is well but I am still cautious because there has already had excellent players who have fallen from the PK2 or final maps.

Do You Know The Route Malaga (Valle Romano) Where You Take PQ2 Starting From November 2?

Not. Not at all. I played in the region some time. It is near Valderrama I think.I went to find out on the Internet. This seems to be a long journey with many bunkers. I am enormously dragged me into the bunkers this week. But hey, whatever it all eventually. No matter if I finished 15th in the PK2 calling me snatching. No matter if I finished 25th in the final maps and therefore qualified last, I will be very happy.

This Scenario Does Not, However, Allow You To Enjoy A Class Of Sufficient Game To Play Every Tournament In 2014.

This is me completely equal because at the moment, I have no category in. If I miss the cards, I find myself on the Challenge Tour without a good game of category For now, I don ‘ have nothing.

Having Already Experienced This Kind Of Situation, Especially in 2009, It May Help You Against Other Players?

I played six years on the Tour. And I think I have enough level to achieve these PQ3.Oui, I’ve done in the past. This clearly puts me among the favorites. But beware, these six days of final maps, it is necessary that all goes well, it should not be sick, have no physical desire. After that, it is not the world gratin which is found there. There are certainly good players but it is not the European elite. So far in my strings.

At What Point Did You Feel That The 2013 Season Would Turn Into A Nightmare?

I had beginnings in Wentworth in late May. The course is tough out there and I really struggled. I found no solution. I had the same feeling at the Open de France where the course is very hard. I had a late start in July in Russia, where I finished 13th, and then after my return from holiday, it has not been at all. At Gleneagles in late August, it was the beginning of the end. I took some big shots, missing the cuts in a dozen points.Psychologically, I was at the bottom … I tried to find solutions with Jamie Gough but it did not work. I was previously returned with Roger Damiano, I saw Arnaud Verhaeghe.No effect. And I found myself alone. In fact, I have trouble with just about everyone when you look good.

Is Not This Your Main Problem?

If! Totally. I’ve always had a tendency to scatter me. A lot. It started when I decided to separate myself from Roger Damiano (Editor’s note: At the end of the 2011 season). I want to hear new things. But from there, it went to hell. I worked with a lot of people (note: Verhaeghe, Ducoulombier Gough).

jean baptiste gonnet i did a lot of nonsense

Jean Baptiste Gonnet I Did A Lot Of Nonsense

I watched every night videos on the web, the swings, and other things.And I am totally clueless. But if I can find the right person who will allow me to fit me well, allowing me to rely upon it, I think I have the potential to be part of the European Top 20, or at least the Top 60 European each year.

How Do You Feel About Finally Coming Weeks?

I’m not stressed at all! I say it’s like that. If it does not go well, I might have deserved it happens to me. At one point, when we make mistakes, we pay. And if it is to evolve on the Challenge Tour, I will return. This is not because it is a season to 60,000 euros (63,269 euros exactly) need to stop everything and go to school. Are guys who are down at the bottom as Nico Colsaerts, guys like Jean-Philippe Lima who has four years of Challenge Tour and returns to the European Tour in 2014. Watch Julien Quesne. There are three years, he was the pick of the Challenge Tour and now he has two Circuit tournaments to counter two years. There are ups and downs in a career in golf. The proof.