Indiana Strikes A Blow

Led by a great Paul George, the Pacers have won a prestigious victory on the floor of one of their pet peeves, San Antonio (100-111). Portland lost at the buzzer against Dallas (106-108). Miami won. Brooklyn also. Not the Clippers or the Bulls.

Summary Of The Night:

The Pacers remained 11 defeats to Spurs and they lost in their last 12 trips to the AT & T Center. San Antonio looked good to confirm this status nemesis franchise Indianapolis after 10 minutes of play last night, following a plus Manu Ginobili, also author of 16 points, with a standard two-digit their advantage (35-22). Except that Paul George (28 pts), David West (20 pts) and company have spent their hosts 56-24 riding on the second and third quarter-time to take control in the shock at the top.


They led by 26 points thereafter. The Texas bench reduced the gap to 10 units at the end of the match, but it was already too late and departed Indiana Alamo City with its 18th win of the season (100-111). 18 points for Kawhi Leonard, Spurs leading scorer. 13 Tony Parker and Tim Duncan 10. Note that San Antonio was defeated in three of his last five outings.

Among the other highlights of the night, defeat Blazers Damian Lillard (32 pts) we note face Dirk Nowitzki (28 pts) and Mavericks at Portland (106-108, see also ). And a buzzer-beater signed Monta Ellis (22 pts). LeBron James has meanwhile flirted with triple double (21 pts, 14 rbs, 8 wt) and the Heat, with Dwyane Wade (19 pts) won in Minneapolis (82-103). Deprived of Kevin Love , the T-Wolves have returned 29.3% of their shots (55.1% in Miami). Klay Thompson (30 pts), Stephen Curry (22 pts, 15 wt) and the Warriors ended a series of 11 losses against the Grizzlies by beating Memphis (82-108), while the Nets Brook Lopez (32 pts, see also ) can smile at Milawaukee (82-90). The Clippers have made the scope of the failure to Cleveland (88-82). They are photographed at 32.2% success rate. 20 points for Kyrie Irving after 0 pointed eve. The Bulls, without Luol Deng, Derrick Rose or Jimmy Butler, took the water against the Pistons (75-92) Brandon Jennings (33 pts). Denver and Sacramento are the other winners of the day.

The Frenchy Night:

The Blazers were once again able to count on a great Nicolas Batum against Dallas. The Norman winger scored seven of his 22 points in the final three minutes, including a three-pointer to bring Portland to 103-106 before equalization signed Damian Lillard, far too (106-106). But Monta Ellis has dampened the Rose Garden at the buzzer (106-108 final score). “Batman” also compiled 5 rebounds, 6 assists, 1 steal and 1 against. He played 37 minutes. Note Evan Fournier, Joakim Noah, Ian Mahinmi and Rudy Gobert (which took 3 rebounds in 2 minutes) have scored only 4 points on 2/15 shots in the aggregate. 13 units for Tony Parker, Boris Diaw 6. Ronny Turiaf (injured) and Colo Nando did not play.

E. Fournier (Den): 2 pts, 1/7, 3 rbs, 1 pd, 21 min (remp)
J. Noah (Chi): 2 pts, 1/7, 9 rbs, 2 ft., 4 Co, 29 min (tit)
R. Turiaf (Min): Injured (elbow)
T. Parker (SA): 13 pts, 6/14, 4 rbs, 2 w, 26 min (tit)
N. Colo (SA): Not selected
B. Diaw (SA): 6 pts, 3/9, 4 rbs, 2 ft., 1 int, 26 min (remp)
I. Mahinmi (Ind): 0 pt, 0/0, 7 min (remp)
R. Gobert (Utah): 0 pt, 0/1, 3 rbs, 2 min (remp)
N. Batum (Por): 22 pts, 8/17, 5 rbs, 6 w, 1 int, 1 Co, 37 min (tit)

The MVP Of The Night:

Larry Sanders with Zaza Pachulia and the infirmary, the Ekpe Udoh Bucks relied on and John Henson inside against the Nets. Unless they could do nothing to deal with a Brook Lopez ultra-domineering. The latter scored 32 points on 13 shots (10/11 free throws), with 7 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 blocks in 40 minutes at Milwaukee. Enough to allow Brooklyn to find the path to victory and, as surprising as it may seem, return to three small games of eighth place in the Eastern Conference held by Chicago (8v-10d-14d against 6v). Note that the brother of Sun Robin Lopez scored 20 of his 32 points in the first half (7/8 at the break). It runs at 20.8 points 5.6 rebounds and 1.2 against per game over his last five outings. A good value in the doldrums New York.

B. Lopez (Bkn): 32 pts, 11/13, 7 rbs, 4 wt, co 2, 40 min
S. Curry (GS): 22 pts, 7/16, 6 rbs, 15 pds, 1 Co, 45 min
D. Nowitzki (Dal): 28 pts, 12/22, 6 rbs, 7 wt, 1 Co, 36 min

Results Night:

Philadelphia-Denver 92-103
Cleveland-LA Clippers 88-82
Chicago-Detroit 75-92
Memphis-Golden State 82-108
Minnesota-Miami 82-103
Milwaukee-Brooklyn 82-90
San Antonio-Indiana 100-111
Utah-Sacramento 102-112 AD
Portland-Dallas 106-108