India Grand Prix 2013 Quiet Braking Fatherhood How Grosjean Traces Its Rating

Paria paddock last season, Romain Grosjean (Lotus) is getting a reputation at a price of good results and a new attitude.

Everything is fast in Formula 1, where reputations are made as quickly as they come undone. Engineering last year, driving a Sauber particularly gentle with her ​​gums, Sergio Perez today creates a relative disappointment in his first season with McLaren. In contrast, the odds of Romain Grosjean follows an upward trend over the last few races. He who had been treated for “idiot of the first round” by Mark Webber there a year in Japan, after a collision caused by the French, was brilliantly illustrated the magistrate Japanese, allowing himself to go tickle Red Bull to the podium.

Among the reasons for the rise of Grosjean course include the departure of the team of Kimi Raikkonen next year. If the team looks probably the French in a different light, more caring, it also took it should use this momentum to pose as the leader of black and gold training. For Alan Permane, the operations manager of Lotus track, the emergence of Roman occurred before the announcement of the departure of the Finnish Ferrari, from the German Grand Prix.

india grand prix 2013 quiet braking fatherhood how grosjean traces its rating

India Grand Prix 2013 Quiet Braking Fatherhood How Grosjean Traces Its Rating

“Romain finished the last walking on eggshells season, and he started this campaign by taking a lot of precautions. Monaco was a total disaster. It was really, really fast, but unable to collect all the pieces of the puzzle. He came out of the track and signed a terrible qualification. Thereafter, the team had average races, but from the Nürburgring, something changed in him. It is much quieter outside the car. It focuses on what is really important, it does not panic as much. He no longer knows these somewhat hysterical moments when he said: ‘I have no grip’, ‘The brakes are terrible. ” When you drive these cars, there is always a problem. There is always something wrong, it is never 100% perfect. Before Roman fixed his attention on what was wrong, and it pulled everything down. Now he is able to say: ‘This does not work’ without making an obsession. We put aside the problem and are working on a hundred other things that really matter. Once that is done, we can come back. ”

Braking And Paternity:

In this capacity better prioritize are other explanations, such techniques. After the “wolf” discovered on the E21 in Bahrain (poor correlation mapping, steering and tires, partly due to a change in electronic engineering in the winter), it’s the brakes that have absorbed the French energy – proof that it can remain concerned about some parameters: “One of the elements that should be perfect for him, continues Permane is braking, in which he will determine all settings. With KERS, it may take more or less power the rear axle, which affects the distribution of the brakes. You have to play with the settings to find the right balance. It took us some time to get that Roman wanted to, we spent quite a bit of Friday. Now, he goes higher and can concentrate on the rest.”

While remaining cautious, even Permane believes that paternity Grosjean could play a role: “One of the things that happened to him recently – and completely disrupts your life – is that it has become a father . This does not coincide with the Nurburgring (the German Grand Prix was held a month earlier than the birth of her son, note), but it is not far. I think this event has made ​​him realize that life is not limited to making trouble for braking into the first corner. This allowed him to relax. In any case, whatever the event, that it was good.”

In Qualifying, It Dominates Raikkonen:

More confident driving the Lotus Grosjean, conscious of having a nice card to play and released the weight of a Raikkonen focusing the attention of the team, has gradually gained the upper hand on his neighbor garage, at least in pure speed. While Iceman has 90 points more in the championship. Certainly, he manfully stole politeness Korea, evidence of undeniable talent of Finns. But in the last six Grands Prix, his teammate Romain beat five times on Saturday:

“I do not want to say anything bad about Kimi because he was fantastic for us, but it was not perfect in qualifying, analysis Permane. Misplaced on the grid, he finished on the podium in Korea and Singapore but it can not always happen like that. It must also be able to qualify well. Kimi is not the fastest on Saturday, and if the tires are harder next year, it could be a little more difficult. Roman, he said this on Saturday. In qualifying, we put it under a lot of pressure in Korea and Singapore. We told him: ‘You can roll in Q1 drives, but not early in the session as the track changes a lot. You’ll have it out in the end. And if you’re wrong, you do not have time to train tender ‘he said.’ OK, let’s go, ‘and he did the job. This is a big change before it would lit the tires.”

Although everyone would have liked to keep Raikkonen Enstone, good performance Grosjean restore confidence to a team weakened by its brain drain and difficulties to conclude negotiations with the investor Quantum. Awaited the birth of the Lotus Flower timely.