Hot Shot At Renault

Fire broke out on the cars of Renault engines stables Lotus F1 Caterham Friday in Bahrain. Red Bull, things are slowly improving, but the situation remains worrying.

At 48 hours of the close of winter testing, the situation of teams powered by hybrid turbo V6 Renault is grim. Day Friday on the Sakhir circuit has again been marked by new overheating problems occurred in Caterham and Lotus F1.

hot shot at renault

Hot Shot At Renault

Overheating is even an understatement since fires are reported on the same car Pastor Madonado in the afternoon. Consequently, the Venezuelan could cover 33 laps with the E22. An hour later, it was the turn of the Caterham Marcus Ericsson spitting flames after completing 55 laps. The good news in the diamond clan came from Red Bull. Daniel Ricciardo was able to compile 66 loops showing last performance at 0” 173 time reference Sergio PĂ©rez with Force India.

Red Bull Progress

Although the situation is still not in good shape, the world champions keep a sacred sense of humor. Then a rumor conjured this morning in anger Sebastian Vettel against his team in Jerez occurred in late January, the team of Milton Keynes wanted to twist without this information by turning derision: “It is assumed that c is true. Maybe four world titles have turned into screaming diva. It may be out of the car fuming by sending an ugly gesture Adrian (Editor’s note: Newey, technical director), showing teeth Rocky (nldr: Guillaume Rocquelin his engineer). Then he left the stand, mounted on a unicorn before returning to Switzerland with him. ”

If It Was Simply To Complete 60 Laps In Melbourne, There Would Be No Problem. But There Is Not Just The Towers, There Are Also Around To Position On The Grid, The start.”R. Taffin”

Despite the gloom in the clan Renault, we try to remain optimistic for the big opening scheduled in a fortnight season prices. He admits that the brand has “taken a little late,” Remi Taffin, director of track operations, ESPN F1 assured that reliability will not be an insurmountable problem in Australia: “I’m pretty confident that we can achieve. If it was simply to complete 60 laps in Melbourne, there would be no problem. But there is not just the towers, there are also around to position on the grid, the start . All those things that are typically part of a race, but do not necessarily test for the testing pre-season. ”

Rank Test:

1. Sergio Perez (Mex, Force India) – 1’35” 570 to 108 rounds
2. Fernando Alonso (Esp, Ferrari) +0′ ‘064 – 122 laps
3. Daniel Ricciardo (Aus, Red Bull) +0’ ‘173 – 66 laps
4. Felipe Massa (Bra, Williams) +0’ ‘937 – 104 laps
5. Jenson Button (GBR, McLaren) +1’ ‘331 – 52 laps
6. Jules Bianchi (FRA, Marussia) +2 ‘522 – 75 laps
7. Lewis Hamilton (GBR, Mercedes) +3’ ‘471 – 89 laps
8. Vergne (Fra, Toro Rosso) +4’ ‘066 – 61 laps
9. Esteban Gutierrez (Mex Sauber) +4’ ‘406 – 106 laps
10. Pastor Maldonado (Ven, Lotus) +6’ ‘043 – 31 laps
11. Marcus Ericsson (Sue, Caterham) +6’ ‘946 – 55 laps