Hassan N’Dam: “Money Is Not My Priority”

The former world champion WBO middleweight, the French Hassan N’Dam N’Jikam goes back in the ring during a fight-back in mid December in Barcelona against the Irishman Anthony Fitzgerald has he told AFP on Monday.

In October 2012, New York, Hassan N’Dam had lost his title WBO undergoing the first loss of his career in 27 fights with a points defeat by unanimous decision of the judges against the Cuban-American Peter Quillin .

“I was not calm at that time and I was myself busy administrative tasks related to this fight as my preparation,” he has said. “I had to go back six times this year a ring, two facing the Kazakh Gennady Golovkin , champion WBA undefeated, which did not materialize, “he has revealed.


December 14, thirteen months after the loss of his belt, the French boxer, 29, will make his return to Olympic Palace Vall d’Hebron against Fitzgerald, 28, EBA champion means, credited with 14 victories in 19 fighting.

Q – We Recently Talked To You For A Fight Against Golovkin And Finally You Irish Boxer Anthony Fitzgerald In December In Barcelona. This Is Not The Same Program!

A – With Golovkin, I agree if they can make a fight back before the meet. He has successfully defended his crown nine times but I’m not a stooge. If I face is to beat him. As the possibility of an interim fight could not be with his entourage, I agreed to meet with Fitzgerald for a paltry purse but money is not my priority right now. It is especially to be able to make my new job!

Q – What Did You Do This Year?

A – In the first quarter, I left my train in the United States. In Atlantic City, Chicago, Las Vegas, New York. I worked with Floyd Mayweather (note: American grabbed titles WBA and WBC super welterweight title in Las Vegas there are two months). Since I continue to train three hours a day in a room in Pantin, near Paris. It’s hard to stay focused when projects fighting – I got six (projects), two with Golovkin – fail to As, but it will! I’m calmer than during my match against Quillin and I got busier administrative side, including ensuring my clause + + re-match in case of defeat, until the eve of the battle of the World Championship as my preparation!

Q – After The Fight Back, What Are Your Prospects?

A- I’ll go train in England before meeting Fitzgerald then it is expected that I fight in California on February 21. Four to five fights should then follow. I think I should win a world title in order to attract Golovkin for reunification. I think everyone is waiting for this fight. I kept envy. I evolved very early in boxing and it’s still a game to me. I always take as much pleasure boxer.