Greg Oden Interview: “An Immeasurable Happiness”

Absent floors since December 2009, Greg Oden made ​​his comeback to competition Wednesday night on the floor of the Wizards.

Author of a very good comeback, he finished with 6 points and 2 rebounds in eight minutes of play time We met in the locker room after the game.

Greg Oden, It Was More Than Four Years That You Had Not Played An NBA Field. What Are Your First Feelings?

Greg Oden: It is an immeasurable happiness and the result of work at all times for several years now.


Every second, I fought for my return a reality and it’s really a joy for me. This is only the beginning hopefully.

When Did You Learn That You Would Be Active And You Go Play?

Greg Oden: The coach told me I was going to be held earlier this afternoon, shortly after the formalization of the departure of Joel Anthony . But I did not really expect me to play. Our early game was horrible and when the deficit reached thirty points, the coach told me to get up and go on the ground. I have not really had time to prepare myself for that, everything went very quickly.

How Did You Feel On The Ground?

Greg Oden: I have been fortunate to have a good ball attack when I entered and I was put at ease, and I quickly found my sensations. It will take me a while to feel 100% during a match but I was pleasantly surprised with my game. For a first, I could hardly do better, even if victory was the icing on the cake.

What Was Your Mindset During His Years Away From Basketball?

Greg Oden: My goal has always been to return. This is my discipline that allows me to find myself in this position. I thank Pat Riley, Erik Spoelstra and the whole club Heat for giving me a chance.

Washington Audience Warmly Welcomed Your Input And Your Baskets. That You He Hit?

Greg Oden: Yes, of course, but you know, I have not really had time to listen to the public. My goal was to return to the defense as soon as possible after scoring. So I have not really had time to communicate with the crowd.

LeBron James Said That You Did Not Have To Stop You Dunk Your Frst Basket…

Greg Oden: It happens (laughs). I was served and when I get the ball in the basket, I Dunke. I have not changed. If I have the opportunity to dunk, I’m not going to deny it!

In Terms Of Playing Time, You Played Eight Minutes Against The Wizards. Will You Be Limited Throughout The Season?

Greg Oden: The plan is to get back in the bath slowly. I know I will not play forty minutes a night. But the goal for me is to play in small doses, for every five or six minutes.


It also depends on the coach and the context of each match. I do not think I would have played if the difference was not as great in the second quarter. We’ll see over time.

The Staff Wants You To Put Any Pressure. What are your Ambitions For The Coming Months?

Greg Oden: The whole team was very patient with me and I am grateful. My goals are simple: to help the Heat to retain the title and become a basketball player. I hope to quickly raise my game and become a solution for the team.