Grand Prix Of The United States 2013 – Romain Grosjean (Lotus) Is Still a “Big Performance”

With 57 points, Romain Grosjean (Lotus) is leading the best total last four gp after invincible Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull). That’s why he approaches Austin with confidence.

Are You In A Hurry To Get To Austin?

Romain Grosjean: Really, yes. Last year, we made a decent weekend at the first visit to the Circuit of the Americas. But this year, I think we have the potential to do much better. In 2012, the coating was brand new and very cool temperature, which put us in difficulty to find the grip and the right settings because we discovered the new route.


This year, we have the data, we expect warmer weather and I know the team and I work really well together to ensure a great performance car.

What Are The Particular Challenges Of The Circuit Of The Americas?

RG: This is a rather balanced circuit where there is not a specific area to focus on for the car to be successful. Again, the E21 should show strong. Last year, the challenge was to find the level of grip wanted and I think it will happen again. The designation of the tire-oriented “hard”, so it will work well to get them to the right window performance. Announced the temperature is higher this year, this will help us and the surface of the track will be a little change compared to the last time. Overall, I think we have the potential to do very well.

You Have Made ​​Departures Lightning Recently. Can You Repeat In Austin?

RG: We must recognize that the departures were not my strong point last year. But I worked hard with the team to progress in this area and it seems to work, especially in recent races. I could take the lead in Japan and in Abu Dhabi, I was able to find a path on the slippery part outside in the first turns.

What do You Think Of The United States Of America?

RG: I’ve come for the first time last year for the race and I really like the United States. This is such a huge country, I have seen a very small part. Since last year, I bought a Harley Davidson , ie, Austin had to make me impressed! I made customize and maybe I’ll come take a trip to the United States in the future. Besides the fabulous bikes, there were so many enthusiastic fans last year, it was really beautiful.

Frustration Of Having Missed The Podium In Abu Dhabi?

RG: Of course! I think I finished about a second behind [Nico] Rosberg at the finish, I returned well on him in the final laps. But my pace was not enough to get close enough before the checkered flag. It’s a shame not being able enchainer podium with a fourth place, but if we remember the trouble I encountered two free practice and qualifying, I think that fourth place is a decent result. Performance, I would perhaps have attacked Mark [ Webber ] for second place, but sometimes it happens like that.