Good Understanding Of The Cold

Some essential to train and play effectively during the winter advice. Without the risk of unpleasant surprises.

For those who do not live up to the year on the Mediterranean or in the Basque Country, playing golf can become frankly worrying during the winter.


Especially north of the Loire. Cold, rain, wind, snow and even morning frost often prevent us from fully satisfy our passion. Despite these parameters, golfing during this period-remains indispensable. It is during these times when we nevertheless prefer to stay warm in the couch that prepare future spring success. Here are some tips to keep pace-and fight wisely conditions difficult game.

What To Wear To Practice Or On The Course?

It is obvious, it will not land for a workout or a friendly game in shirtsleeves and shorts. Unless crazy. The ends are obviously more exposed here: head, hands and feet must be protected priority. “It is indeed essential to preserve touch (small game), speed (to swing) and the owner receiving the motion, said Julien Xanthopoulos, a former top player and now coach at the Longchamp racecourse . Head? To keep a clear head and possibly a small guard against cold wind. Hands and feet? A golf swing is from the ground, and, like any sport launch, the quality of support and feel must be beyond reproach. “Plan so warm and technical fitting clothing for a perfect gesture, a hat, mittens (on the route) between holes, appropriate socks and a pair of shoes and maintained 100% waterproof . A stubborn cold is in effect  never far away.

How To Warm Up Before A Meeting Or A Round Of Golf?

Could there also type a dozen bullets and to ¬ introduce the first tee without warming up beforehand. Otherwise, the cold helping, poor muscle surprises will quickly fill your party. “It is essential to extend the heating of at least ten to fifteen minutes. Or to put it in place if you never do, advises Julien Xanthopoulos. Whether in practice or in the locker room. Heat all parts of the body from the bottom upwards and bending rotations quadriceps, dorsal and wrists. ”

How To Train?

As for heating, the methodology  remains paramount. If you want to avoid any unpleasant surprises, follow the guide. “Enjoy the winter for long and constructive practice sessions that will warm says Julien Xanthopoulos. If you are alone, the priority will be to review the basics: grip, posture, alignment. If you have a coach, take the opportunity to take a series of lessons struc tured that best prepare the next spring! ”

What Strategy On The Course?

We know, in winter, in keeping atmospheric pressure  America, the golf ball would tend to float in the air less than in summer. In summary, the colder it is, the less the ball door. The soft ground does not facilitate the roll of the ball on the fairways. We must plan a club away with whatever you use in the summer. Many points to consider to limit the damage on your score card. “The strategy is simply  concludes Julien Xanthopoulos. Do not leave the flower rifle because your body may be less accurate. If this is the case, blows refocusing and other chips to catch the bad shots require sensations in hands. Beware also of greens and fairways, often in poorer condition. Less than 100 meters from the goal, play the middle of the green. Do not tempt fate. Always keep in mind simplicity. “