Good Resolutions On The Green

What can we wish the French course for 2014? Excellent health, victories, moments of warmth and emotion .Ten good ideas for a euphoric year.

More than a sport or a hobby, golf is a way of life. For those who taste this passion, pleasure comes beyond scribbled on the score card or canes brand new bag .


Because, like you, we like to first share this passion universe, here are some ideas to maintain and apply throughout the season.

1 / Ending Slow Play

We would not live these endless games where you have more than 5 hours to complete 18 holes … Slow play is the bane of golf. In competition, the organizing committee is empowered to establish a set time, usually 4 hours 30 minutes for a party of four players at a rate of 11 minutes for a par 3, 14 minutes for a 4 by 17 minutes for by 5. In theory, those who leave behind more than a hole through which the previous section should be penalized once. But few fans have been punished … But there are some simple rules to speed up the game: do not hesitate to play a provisional ball when we go astray, be resigned that his ball is lost after 5 minutes of searching, study distance and prepare his club while others play, walk briskly between shots, around the green, put his truck near the next tee, on the green, watching the line while his puttent partners …
Your turn.

2 / Encourage Players To Raise Their Pitches

The other “pet peeve” of course, are all these little holes that mark the greens to the impact of the ball when it falls. Few players bother to fix it. Raise its pitch must, however, be a jerk to everyone. A pitch replaced disappears completely in less than 48 hours, then three weeks it takes to heal if nobody takes the trouble to raise. In the same spirit, we must systematically replace his divots and raking bunkers.


All this for the respect of the land, greenkeepers and other players.

3 / Fight Against Cheating

Neither seen nor known, and the cheater cheater “chronic” are desperate to glean some points. It is stronger than them. And cheating has become a national sport in many clubs. Unfortunately, few players denounce the guilty . The one who, coincidentally, knows count, the one who always has some balls lying in his pocket, which can help to advance its brand a few centimeters by placing his ball on the green, one that confuses air-shot and first attempt .A beautiful story: the cheater who the day before a competition, placed balls – same brand and same issue – where he used to get lost! In addition to these fraudsters flying high, there are also those who cheat by ignorance of the rules of golf, oh complex: who has not flattened the rough with his club? Who did not move the ball at? Who did not close the hole by dropant? .Tiger Woods himself has paid the price last season, scooping twice 2 penalty points .To stop sinning by omission, first slide in your Issue bag of golf rules, available in clubs. A good resolution for 2014.

4 / Observe The Label

Gentlemen’s sport, golf is governed by a code of conduct, rules of etiquette, courtesy, sportsmanship supposed to be respected by all. But also on the greens, some values ​​are lost. What’s silence to respect when someone plays? The dress code? Duty to invite the players to go faster? In 2014, we turned off the phone, his tracksuit cloakroom is allowed, it is polite .And even if the non-compliance of the label is no penalty for the player at fault, it plunges back in time time in four pages of rules of golf devoted to this chapter. And they meditate.

5 / See A French Grand Slam Triumph

After the great year of golf tricolor, one begins to dream .What Victor Dubuisson, former great hope of French golf, won a Major! Thirty-first global player, it will automatically participate in the four Grand Slam lifted. His victory at Turkish Airlines Open, with a tray of prestigious players (Henrik Stenson, Tiger Woods, Justin Rose , then the third place at the World Championship Tour have brought in the big leagues.


You can also expect to see Karine Icher victorious Solheim Cup with the European team triumph before his audience at the Evian Championship.

6 / Wishing That The Ryder Cup Is Gaining Notoriety

In 2018, Paris will host the Ryder Cup, the match between the best American players the best Europeans, one of the ten highest-profile sporting events in the world, which receives an average of 50,000 spectators per day and no less than 700 million viewers around the world. Its economic impact is estimated at between 70 and 90 million euros. Suffice to say that for golf professionals, this is “the” appointment not to be missed and a unique opportunity for the Federation to continue the democratization of the sport, to boost the high level, but also to sell France as a must golfing destination.

Unfortunately, except for a public of connoisseurs, few people really know the stakes in this competition. There are four years to the Federation publicize and organize a great celebration of golf. A first step has already been made in this direction this season with the discovery operation organized at the Trocadero during the Open de France. There are also the tenure of one of our players in the European team to rally the heart of all the French.

7 / Swap Curve dismissed

After two great years (+ 2.65% in 2011 and + 1.06% in 2012), the balance of 2013 is rather bleak: – 2% for the number of redundant or 414,249 golfers, against 422,761 in 2012. This decline is particularly marked (- 12%) in less than 25 years, which should certainly a great champion – the Tiger Woods – which identify. Victor Dubuisson why not? Despite these statistics, both disappointing and surprising, now nearly 2 million French admit golfing occasionally, but it is far from expected by the Ryder Cup effect and 700,000 licensed expected 2018 boom. Declining purchasing power and gloomy weather also help to explain this .But not only. Golf democratizes slowly, it remains an expensive deemed sport, which requires time and availability. In 2014, we hope that further development of small structures nearby – quick play and less costly – will bear fruit.

8 / Hope Clubs Find Good Shape

Again, the economic crisis, combined with awful weather in the first quarter of 2013, gave a serious blow to the 710 blues clubs in France. “The slowdown in activity is estimated at between 2% and 10%, says Denis Fabre, president of the Association of Directors of golf. With Laneige, cold and rain, they had until June a real decrease in attendance. “In mast also the renewal of” membership “private structures. No more waiting lists, many of them are even looking for new recruits. Wish them all a sunnier for addicts of the little white ball found the path fairways future.

9 / Feast At The Table Clubhouses

The golfer is often a bon viveur who enjoys as the hole eighteen previous 19th. After the game, he likes to be with partners to share a moment of conviviality. Not necessarily to “tap the bell”, but to eat something simple, fresh and good. Sad fact: the table is not always up to his expectations. Because we must admit that running a restaurant is a real golf puzzle: namely offer a tantalizing menu, quick – the player  always in a hurry – and cheap, while ignoring a random affluence (function, among other things, weather), seriously complicating the management of stocks. This is not a reason to give up. Some clubs have forged an excellent reputation by offering high quality services in a friendly atmosphere, smiling, and make a full house every day. To take an example.

10 / Never Forget That Golf Is Only A game.

Who put a bullet 42.67 mm diameter hole in a 10.8 cm, with the least possible jerk aims. A challenge that crazy over an addict willing to do anything for success: take lessons at high dose, change equipment every six months or truant. We all know that golf is a very technical and sometimes elusive sport. Do not get excited. In 2014, keep smiling and have a great time on the fairways and greens.