Gasquet: “Tracks With Foreign Coaches”

Guest TP Show, Richard Gasquet returned to the great season that comes from living, punctuated by participation in the Masters. The No. 1 French also mentions his search for a new coach after parting with Riccardo Piatti.

Richard, You Leave A Great Season, During Which You Seem To Have Turned A Corner?

It is true that I felt good to me this season. I had already finished in the top ten last year, but I realized a lot of things this year. I think now get closer to the top. I have lost a lot against them, but I feel I can beat them.


I’m starting to believe more and more anyway. That gives good prospects for the rest of my career.

What You Lack In Order To Win A Grand Slam?

I miss a little while . I must advance a little more in the ball, I am stronger physically, I serve a little better that I go more to the net. I played a lot this season, so I could see what I was missing. I approach the best, it’s really exciting for the future. Today, they are stronger. For me to find the key to progress. I really want to be able to beat them later.

You Are Calmer And More Communicative With The Public, As If There Were A New Richard Gasquet.

Yes, I feel good. I have more experience than in the past. It is true that I am perhaps less expected that when I was 18 or 19. I take great pleasure and I realize how lucky I am to play on courts with great many people. It is sure that I want to share more. I played fine games this season, it makes you want to come back and try to go even higher.

“A Team To Win The Davis Cup”

The Davis Cup Is It Part Of Your Priorities?

I think Davis Cup is more affordable for us, the French players that win a Grand Slam. We really have a very strong team to win. This year, it’s true that I was less there. I am very motivated but the words do not count, we must act. I will do everything to win the Davis Cup.

How Did You Feel About The Departure Of Riccardo Piatti, The “One Of Your Coaches With Sebastien Grosjean?

I was a little surprised . Now, this is the sport. He had other offers next. We must accept. I was disappointed but I’ll make sure to find someone soon. The coach is very important, but everything must come to me. It does not impact my season 2014. I have some tracks with foreign coaches who have previously played at the top level. It is not impossible that this is a Spaniard. We’ll see in the coming days. It is important to set this to go with a second coach on the next tour.