Gasquet On The Right Path

Yes, he still lost a big game within reach. But his return to the Masters, six years later, Richard Gasquet appeared on short head high, decided to challenge Juan Martin del Potro eye to eye. An attitude that he will keep to Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic hoping to win a game.

If we had not stolen Saturday at North Station as he left Paris for London, Juan Martin del Potro might be out her rosary and a prayer. The Argentine was ultimately not needed this object of devotion received from Pope Francis to get out after a difficult start to the match against Richard Gasquet on Monday during the first day of the Masters . “I could not . be positive It was hard to be and not be focused on the game, “responded the No. 5 worldwide after winning in three sets against the French (6-7, 6-3, 7 – 5). “I like to play tennis and I love my job, but someone has stolen a part of my life. It’s hard not to think about it.”

France's Richard Gasquet reacts after a point against Russia's Evgeny Donskoy during an ATP Kremlin Cup tournament tennis match in Moscow on October 17, 2013.    AFP PHOTO / KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV        (Photo credit should read KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP/Getty Images)
As it will be hard for their opponents not to ruminate this defeat. “I am very disappointed tonight,” admitted unvarnished the new No. 1 tricolor leaving the court, when asked about the site of the French Federation (FFT ). However, the person concerned entered the short head high, decided to challenge his opponent and attack as much as possible, including the diagonal backhand, has not much to regret. “It is clear it was a good game, he acknowledged. It was not easy, it was the first match of the Masters. The stadium was full, it was still a great event for me. I wanted to be worthy of the tournament. ”

A Service To Treat

And it was according to his coach. “It is up to the” professed Sebastien Grosjean . Still foal still missed a game he could have won. “It’s a shame coming so close, Gasquet noted. He missed me a better service, a little experience. Towards the end the game, I think I can better serve my take a little more time and do a little less mistakes It does not play to much “Grosjean nodded:” To win, it would have taken a little more first serve, free behind his service points. ”

Gasquet knows what remains to be done by Thursday. “The tennis player challenges each week. He has two days to his service in place over time,” noted Grosjean. Not forgetting to “keep what he did at the attitude because it was good,” taking care to add the Masters finalist in 2001. “If he plays every game like that, either here or next year, he will earn a lot. ”

His protege was not far from thinking the same thing “It happened so close we must continue on that path Sure it gives me confidence.” He confessed while displaying his usual reserve.: “I still have to play Federer and Djokovic. They are two great players, even in indoor. It will be difficult for me. This is a big challenge. But it is also a lot of experience, matches high level and it is important for the rest of my career.’ll try to earn what I earn. “A game could be enough for him out of his hen. It is not far from deserving.