French Stage, A Rosy Future

The Parisian club confirms every game. These men Quesada led the Top 14 third of the regular season. Lowest Oyonnax continues to impress. Back on the eighth day also marked by indiscipline.

The Match Stade French-Montpellier 18-11

We felt it. This is confirmed. French Stage is back at the top of the poster. Two wins away at Perpignan Oyonnax where opponents have not finished breaking teeth and a faultless in the brand new John Nouin. This time it is Montpellier, Clermont impressive against a week earlier (43-3), which has borne the brunt of the revival of the capital club. Parisians led by their junior class: Hugo Bonneval, super comfort, Jules Plisson and composure foolproof, Rabah Slimani pillar euphoric. One small problem: Paris cowered after scoring his second try. Undoubtedly confidence still a little shaky. Still, French Trinh-Duc has pointed out, bring the defensive bonus was “a feat.” This shows how men Gonzalo Quesada, healer of souls impress. Here they are at the top of the Top 14 after the first third of the season. Will see a rosy future

RUGBY : Stade Francais vs Montpellier - TOP 14 - 09/27/2012

Top: Oyonnax

Superlatives liked – legendary, fabulous, giant – to describe the feat of “Oyomen” which, of abnegation and notch strength, beat on the wire the European champion. Nothing is impossible to Charles Mathon, stunning stronghold of the foothills of Jura before Castres, the champion of France and Clermont, the European Vice-champion, had broken against the burning desire of the players Christophe Urios. Only the French stage for one small point, came back unscathed, which, incidentally, confirms the revival of the capital club. The promotion is for Topper hero, unknown there are still two months: 10 Argentine Benjamin Urdapilleta, vigorously concussed before returning to the field to the drop of the slam wins. Or flanker Christophe André, indefatigable pruning. Or the ineffable winger pocket Silvère Tian who did not hesitate to challenge the giant Bakkies Botha, all amused by such audacity. A team of characters and friends determined to never give an inch to their audience fantastic.

The Flop: Toulouse

Six months now. Since success in the field of Racing-Metro on March 30, 2012, Stade Toulousain has not won a single game away. Eight defeats. The main reason lies in the unfortunate habit of red-and-black coaches let stand the best elements in direct confrontations with the other big boys. This season was the case in Clermont, Montpellier and Perpignan. In addition to the injured, Dusautoir and Picamoles Guy Noves had voluntarily deprived of Florian Fritz, Maxime Medard and Yoann Huget. Hosea Gear and Luke McAlister had taken place on the bench. Just as the first line holder. Result between a key and a turbulent apocalyptic fray Baille pillar and Van den Heever hooker have been changed from the 29th minute … If Stade Toulousain continues at the same pace (4 wins reclaimed home, 4 away defeats) , he may well not finish in the top six in the championship.

He Said:

“The young Parra will be cited for what he did because we think it is shameful. When a rugby player fights in one against one, they say it’s part of the values ​​of rugby. But when two players hold the opponent and we just put her fists, I think it is shameful! I hope he will be punished accordingly … “Vincent Etcheto coach three quarters Bordeaux, about aggression Morgan Parra on the third-line Gibouin Gautier.

The Stats: 20

The referees have the nimble hand: 18 yellow cards and 2 red, the prize went to Mr. Cardona has seven times into his pocket when Clermont-Bordeaux-Begles. Two yellow for Auvergne and five for Bordeaux. The final two evictions, they are quickly dropped. The Biarrot Taele-Pavihi received a red in the 9th minute for a dangerous tackle. Same punishment for the same reason scrumhalf Brive, Thomas Sanchoux, excluded from the 14th minute. This did not prevent the CAB heroically to snatch a draw in Grenoble.

Results Of The 8th day:


French-Montpellier stage 18-11


Oyonnax-Toulon 25-22
Bayonne-Biarritz 27-19
Castres Racing Metro 19-15
Grenoble Brive 12-12
Perpignan and Toulouse 20-16
Clermont-Bordeaux-Begles 40-11