France – Ukraine: Revenues Of Exploit

In Kiev, the Blues should have avoided at all costs defeat. Not conceding a goal or take a red card. Bowing 2-0 to Ukraine – an opponent yet to reach them – they did it all together, at the same time jeopardizing their chances to go to Brazil.

Tuesday night, their skin so they play at the Stade de France and will have no other choice than an achievement. In the history of dams in Europe, a team has never failed to qualify after conceding a 2-0 defeat in the first leg. But the real statistic that worries is that Ukraine did not concede a goal in eight games.

France -Ukraine-Revenues-Of-Exploit

Above all, the team of France has displayed a disturbing face in the first leg. Proposed a so predictable at times football, she managed to get Ukraine, leathery and applied to the strongest team in the world.

Indeed, one wonders how Didier Deschamps in inspiration of fuel since his enthronement in the summer of 2012, could find a solution in a few days. However, it must still believe, if only because it is 90 minutes to play and the team of France, even though it is not obvious at first, has potential.

1:There Will Be Change

In Saint-Denis, the Blues should evolve 4-3-3. The last time they played in this system, Brazil had punished them (3-0). We try to forget. Friday, 4-2-3-1, which was supposed to be the right formula, did not work at all. Anyway, there will be no tactical battle. Ukrainians will be concreted and exploit against attacks thoroughly, the French try to catch up.

After the indigent delivery in Kiev, Didier Deschamps said it could change everything for the return leg. He kept his word since almost four full disappointing Kiev (Abidal, Nasri, Remy, Giroud) could not start Tuesday night – five if one adds Laurent Koscielny suspended.

“The Deche” and opt for a central hinge-Raphael Varane Mamadou Sakho for a midfield three with Yohan Cabaye and more Matuidi and Pogba and an attacking trident composed this time Karim Benzema – although pallid when at its 20 minutes in Kiev – and Mathieu Valbuena.

The latter is the only player to have played every game Team France Version Didier Deschamps. It is also one of the most regular in Blue. Replacing Friday night, his wish – for the pile moment for France – to be recognized at fair value in selection could be achieved. For now, everyone is counting on him to illuminate the game and put the madness.

2 :Franck Ribery Can Not Do Everything Alone

It may be the best player in the world in a few weeks. It deserves. But it does not have the characteristics of Cristiano Ronaldo, nor those of Lionel Messi. In other words, Franck Ribery must overcome this recent idea that light can only come from him. She was mine and the flange. Led him to persist and take the whole game on his own, he can not do his left side.

If his statistics show that he has not been transparent in Kiev – 60% of duels won, 89% of successful passes among others – and Patrice Evra has not really helped him on his side, he never could get rid of the tight marking, sometimes limited, Ukrainians, who did not hesitate to put three to keep playing.

Confirming that the France team, even though it has in its ranks a footballer exception, can not afford to rely solely on him. Yes, to go to Brazil, it will take Ribery at the top, but also a collective performance. There is instead provided to apply.

3: Ukraine Is Serene

There is no reason that this is not the case. She did her job to go. A simple game, solidarity and commitment (it is the team that committed the foul in the playoffs): there is not even a surprise.

The France team is obliged to goals. But if the Ukrainians mark is screwed or crazy: the Blues should win 4-1.

But we must consider the: men Fomenko are very good-against attackers. Ukraine is tough and complicated to move and has a series of six matches without defeat away.

Nevertheless, it has benefited greatly from the apathy of the Blues. These should not drag either more minutes will pass and the risk of them getting stuck in the Ukrainian block is important.

4: We Must Not Forget The Defense

Laurent Koscielny suspended, “The Deche” should opt for Varane and Sakho in the center of defense, who have already done the pair in Georgia and a half against Australia. Not enough experience together? Maybe. But Eric Abidal often exceeded, does not really place. More generally, no central hinge for months has offered pledges of peace.

Same in midfield where he will protect defenders. Paul Pogba was the best French in Kiev, but not for his defensive work, rather for its ability to play forward.

The return of Yohan Cabaye in the starting eleven should bring more balance to the Blues. The Magpie is a smart player who knows how to set the tempo. When chasing a score, it is necessary, especially as the French should remain well organized to hope make a difference.

5 :Didier Deschamps Has Already Turned The Tide

Elimination of the Blues would fail. Of course, the draw of the playoffs has put Spain on their way. But the dams rebalanced gives as Ukraine, whatever is said, is a beatable opponent.

Didier Deschamps, who has the worst record for a coach since 1975, could not resist a qualification, especially if Christmas GraĆ«t, the president of the French Football Federation, remains in office – though it will take to deal with a wide sling.

The 1998 world champion is one of the best french technicians who although short results – 7 wins in 17 games – could benefit from a second chance, provided major overhaul of the group on which he s ‘would support to prepare for Euro 2016 in France.


“The Deche” repeated the feat is possible at the Stade de France, because there is nothing else to say. Still, Friday night in Kiev, we had not felt convinced. He was sounded.

In his coaching experience, Deschamps can rely on a similar rise, pride, there are two years . Wrong start in the Champions League, OM should prevail on the lawn of Borussia Dortmund hope hang round. After 32 minutes, Marseille were 2-0. They eventually won 3-2 in the final minutes, with an exceptional view Mathieu Valbuena.

At the time, Marseille played in the most disgusting manner, but had achieved the feat. Tuesday night, no one will complain if the same scenario for the team of France .