Frame A Ceiling Absolutely Feasible

Monisha Kaltenborn, the owner of Sauber, rejects the argument that the supervision of a budget cap in F1 would be an impossible task.

Last Thursday, the leaders of the 11 teams tray met with representatives of the FIA (International Automobile Federation) and FOM (Formula One Management) to discuss the cost reduction in Formula 1. Stables small and medium size repeat that it is a matter of survival for them. FIA asked to find solutions.

frame a ceiling absolutely feasible

Frame A Ceiling Absolutely Feasible

There a few weeks ago, the Strategic Group F1 (including small teams are not members) rejected the draft budget ceiling supposed to come into force next year. The main argument against this measure, advanced by Red Bull and Ferrari in particular, is that it would be impossible to ensure that each team respects the agreement. It is feared that some expenses are borne by parent companies (especially in the case of car manufacturers), suppliers or business partners.

This Is “Really Not Rocket Science”

Small teams were quick to express their great discontent following the abandonment of the project budget ceiling; this is what has led to the meeting between all parties last week in London. Graeme Lowdon , Marussia sporting director, recently addressed the reasoning of the great teams of ” nonsense.” Sauber, Kaltenborn abounds in the same direction: “This is an argument I do not understand.”

“As far as I know, accounting is a thing that exists  and you must submit your accounts. I think they know how to keep records and write numbers, and I assume that everyone abides by the laws” has she commented.” The complicated part is how to manage transactions between companies. But this aspect is not new in Formula 1 or the rest of the world, and this is done in other areas and other sports. Frame it really is not rocket science. What matters most is to have a good system in place, which is not hard to do, but also have good penalties.”

                                           This Is Done In Other Areas And Other Sports”  (Monisha Kaltenborn)

“Of course, we must also have an official body to monitor this, but it is not necessary to suggest that everyone will cheat,” added Kaltenborn.” We need tougher sanctions. For example, if you speed on the road but the penalty is only € 10, you will probably start. If it costs you € 10,000, you will not start. It should be penalties in place, not drastic, but fair. And there would also be whistleblowers. So it is absolutely doable. People should not say you can not do this, you can do this ‘because in fact you can.”

Kaltenborn believes that potential budgetary ceiling could be based on financial regulation to coexist with the technical and sporting regulations: “Maybe it would not be necessary to change the system of penalties already in place if we had the regulations. Financial, they could be considered on the same level as the sporting and technical regulations. Maybe (financial crimes) could be treated in the same way. Maybe a catalog of penalties which may refer any judge, as in real life.”

“Sometimes people try to make Formula 1 seems very complicated,” she has said. “But in fact the situation is very similar to those found in the real world.”