Foster Left To Stay?

Je’Kel Foster has completed his freelance Nanterre with another strong performance at individual title and a convincing win against Kiev (80-61). It will without doubt regretted the champions title in France. Unless Santa reserve his first gift to the JSFN a few months in advance.

Well, it’s over.Arrived in Nanterre just before the championship of France from the Alba Berlin Je’Kel Foster took some time to find the rhythm. A short form of competition and when he put his luggage in France, it has not been effective immediately. “It takes time to get in the bath, especially when everyone is already hard at work for a month or two, we told the person. Should catch up on all the others.


It is even harder for a playmaker So I have time, but I think I do not have too badly in the end (smile). “And how. In accounting terms, Foster displays averages 6.3 points to 66.7% and 44.4 two point long-distance Euroleague and 6.5 points to 41.4%, with 36.8 three-point 1 rebound and 2.2 “assists” in the championship of France. Rather discreet. Unless the context nanterrien is particularly why the playing time and responsibilities are diluted. In the end, the U.S. leader has turned to 11 minutes per game on the European stage and 17 in Pro A. These numbers are relative.

The Basket Of Victory In Barcelona

In any case, its contribution is measured beyond statistics. Exceptions are Ali Traore, who is just beginning to recover after physical rotten 2012-2013 season by injuries, and David Lighty, who has only just come back home after an interlude in the United States, Je’Kel Foster was the only player of the size of the JSFN having already played the Euroleague early in the campaign. 30 years old, he is also the “oldest” player available Pascal Donnadieu. The experience and maturity he brought to the young squad Hauts de Seine is priceless. All with the cart to victory in Barcelona last week as a highlight (67-71). “It is he who sets the pace, which is always the good little going on, which breaks against the enemy attacks, Jo-Passave Ducteil analysis. This is a valuable player. In addition, this is a great guy. I’m pretty sad to see him go. If you had the choice, would keep the team as it is. But I would hold it has been extremely important and if we are where we are, it’s a little thanks to him too. I will miss him. “

I Love Everyone On This Team.

Would miss everyone at Nanterre. Even more so if he left, it would result in a significant change in the rotation, with Xavier Corosine should assume the role of second behind leader Trent Meacham. But there is an “if.” Freelancing former Parisien is actually completed, but there is a good chance to see him continue the adventure with the Greens of Nanterre. A big opportunity. Firstly, it has contacts with other clubs, Foster has not signed with anyone. And his speech is not exactly that of a player who is eager to leave the JSFN.”It would not displease me to stay. I love everyone in the team, the staff. There is a good atmosphere in the group. There is a positive atmosphere and it’s nice to play in Nanterre. In addition, there is the public who support you and who you follow on the go. Wherever it is, it will always be their loudest. In summary, I love everything in Nanterre “us he explained in the corridors of the Halle Carpentier. It is now Je’Kel Foster agent to negotiate with the leaders of Nanterre.

Donnadieu Does Not Want To Let Him Go

Pascal Donnadieu side, the door is also open. “Sometimes the night brings good news and that Santa arrives early, it allows us to keep Je’Kel until December.It would be a big plus, “slipped the coach JSFN, at a press conference. All, adding that “it would be a shame not to give it a shot through with Je’Kel Euroleague given its performance. I found it relatively flourished against Kiev. It was perhaps not want him to leave, but I do not feel he wants to go either.Officially it takes the plane tomorrow morning (Saturday). “But you can see, there is a good chance that Je’Kel Foster, author of 12 points on 5 of 6 shooting, 6 assists, 2 interceptions and ranking 20th against the Ukrainians in Kiev can be aligned against Le Mans on Monday.

The Lesson Of Belgrade Was Chosen

One thing is certain: David Lighty being signed as a simple joker, Nanterre can always take a medical joker after the prolonged absence of Kevin Lisch.


In a word, all the conditions are met to see Foster continue the adventure in Nanterre. Should this not be the case, it would necessarily be a blow to the team which Je’Kel Foster firmly believes. “When you have a good team, anything can happen, you can beat anyone. Nobody expected that beat Barcelona, ​​but we played together and we did. There are never more than five basketball players against five basketball players on the field.The defeat in Belgrade has taught us that we can not play being individualistic. Since then, we played as a team and remains on two wins, “us he recalled. Two victories that might call other.
Interview at the Halle Carpentier in Paris