Football Champions League Manchester United In The Quarter File

Beat to go with Olympiakos (2-0), Manchester United managed to rally the quarters of the Champions League with three goals from Robin van Persie.

A triple van Persie against Olympiakos (3-0) allowed Manchester United to remake his late Wednesday after the defeat in the first leg (2-0) and thus sends Red Devils supposedly dying in paradise quarterfinals of the Champions League. After the earthquake caused Sunday by the arrival of Liverpool (3-0) who followed only the trauma of defeat in Greece in 8th finals go, the Red Devils had a hand in all the world, and despite their limitations, it s’ is seen. However, the future will tell if it is a simple bracket for Moyes or true founding act.

football champions league manchester united in the quarter file

Football Champions League Manchester United In The Quarter File

To shake his players, replacing Ferguson had also chosen to replace four and build on a mixture engineering experience to avoid sinking. Criticized, challenged and poor since the beginning of the season, Manchester United, who had succeeded only once in 2007 against the Roma as a turnaround, finally offer a ray of sunshine and can thank a “PVR” which had hitherto blocked a goal in C1. He also attacked for his lack of form and have to count on the support of his coach while speaking of ill-being and spats training may pay a penny to the old Giggs.

For his 140th game C1, the Welsh 40, released by formalin Moyes has delivered an outstanding first period, the accuracy of his long game torturing defense Olympiakos. Which allowed van Persie to benefit and transform a penalty (25) and Rooney, after hitting the post, to serve on a platter drive his teammate (45).

The Team Orbit

Suddenly, MU had redone the delay from the break, and an Anglo-Dutch combination upon resumption on a direct free kick from van Persie (51) put the team on his first shift orbit since 2011. Like what, when these two want to play together …

Ideally placed after their victory and go with one change, the Greeks surprisingly shown entering a nervousness and especially sought to toughen debates. It was a bad choice, because when they tried to play, they managed to unbalance the opponent’s defense with heavy, as in go, the technical accuracy of Dominguez or speed Campbell.

De Gea can testify because he had to use (40, 67) and to maintain its shine and prevent cage undefeated this small goal that would have changed everything.

Players Michel, who sought their first quarter in the race since 1999 having just won their 41st league title, ultimately leave ‘of England with their 12th defeat in as many matches.

This is also all the Premier League that can blow, since Manchester United joins Chelsea, while Arsenal and City have been eliminated. However, still some way to MU to ensure a place in the competition next year, because in the league and won only 7, he simply must win the C1 to be sure to come back. That still seems a bit big for this team despite the unwavering support of his audience.