First Champion Eye Of The Tiger Management?

Until recently, InterBox and Groupe Yvon Michel reigned as kings and masters of professional boxing in Quebec. The two organizations have formed their share of champions and now aspire to make the province a hub on the world stage.

But behind the Lucian Bute, Jean Pascal, Adonis Stevenson and company hide boxers who have never enjoyed such an opportunity for a variety of reasons. Those left behind just waiting for the moment when someone truly believe in them.


It is precisely at this moment of history between then director Camille Estephan. Became the manager of a few boxers in 2008, he adds hat sponsor in 2010. And only a little more than 3 years later, his protege Jean Dierry face the champion light welterweight IBF Lamont Peterson on Saturday night in Washington, airing on Showtime.

“I never would have embarked on this adventure without having imagined that it could work,” Estephan admitted during a telephone interview with the “It’s very nice to have a title fight, but I want a team that dominates in the world of boxing. We are not there yet, but we are on the right path. This is the ultimate goal. ”

Yet John was far from a sure bet for a developer who wanted to be one of the cornerstones of his young company. Despite the early obstacles, Estephan continued to believe in him, yet refuses to give any merit today.

“It is a matter of maturity and trust,” says the Eye of The Tiger Management boss. “In Dierry, I see a man who has done all his homework and wants to make sure not to miss the opportunity that presents itself to him and not let it slip through his fingers. ”

Moffa, More Than Coach

If John was a pioneer by becoming the first champion of the young organization, it will never have to look far to find some inspiration.

“This is a company that was founded on the character,” says Estephan. “We proved no later than Saturday by sending Andrew Gardiner against a guy (Eleider Alvarez) who had much more experience than him. Andrew did a great fight! ”

“I told Dierry remember the moment he dreamed of being a champion and under the spotlight. Today, I want to have fun and he took the opportunity to realize his dream. ”

Casually, Jean could become the fourth Quebec boxer of Haitian origin to get your hands on a world title after Joachim Alcine, Jean Pascal and Adonis Stevenson.

Estephan also sees a lot of similarity between the story of John and the Stevenson. He believes that his protege has what it takes to make a big hit Saturday night. Stevenson became an instant star through the knockout in 76 seconds at light heavyweight champion Chad Dawson WBC of last June on HBO airwaves.

“If it is impressive, all the doors will open to him,” believes Estephan. “Leaders Showtime might discover a treasure in a very tough division already. ”

“(The former referee and judge of international repute) Guy Jutras recently told me that it is the machine’s most comprehensive boxing never to be out of Montreal. Dierry reminds him Ike Williams, a former great lightweight champion 1940 and 1950. ”

Beyond the hard work and dedication, the success of Jean far are mainly due to his coach Mike Moffa, the same one that allowed Alcine beat Travis Simms to take the title super middle WBA middleweight in July 2007.

“Mike is more than just a coach,” reveals Estephan. “It’s almost a father to Dierry. “This is an excellent coach, but he also supports his guys outside the ring. This kind of coach is critical to the success of a boxer or an athlete. ”

With Bermane Stiverne – who must face Chris Arreola for the WBC heavyweight belt in the near future – Eye of The Tiger Management could have two world champions in the coming months, a bet that one would probably have Estephan and again .