After two wins have not removed all doubts, the Blues defy the Welsh Friday night in Cardiff. A feat to launch the Grand Slam.

Millennium immense cathedral screw cap. Sumptuous Welsh songs sung fervently by 76,000 chests. Red Devils overexcited, revenge. The stage is set. We will know. Whether the XV de France marrow, talent, and most importantly, the key to dream of a Grand Slam, unlikely prospect at the terminus of a calamitous year 2013 (two wins in 11 matches). “This is the turning point of the tournament,” says Philippe Saint-Andre. His Blues have won many victories in 2013. It obviously cherishes the hope of better days. But it does not erase all doubts.

RUGBY: France vs Wales - RBS Six Nations - 02/10/2013

The triumph against England ( 26-24 )? Two favorable bounces Huget which was a treat, a wonderful test – 80 meters reassembled and twenty game time – to snatch victory three minutes from the final whistle. Three strokes of brilliance that do not forget the long slump attested by a 18-0, the lack of collective control. The triumph against Italy ( 30-10 )? Three trials, including two passes to zero for a quarter of an hour of madness. But not much before and nothing after, if not a yellow card, a red, of lost keys. And mingled strangely shaken by the Alpine pack.

The Blues win again and it feels good. But without sulking this instant gratification, gross income is not sufficient in view of the objective – stated – to be crowned world champion in eighteen months in England. Which is better? The realism of the Blues, already six tries in two matches. Appreciable. But this success should not obscure the deeper more disturbing gaps,. The game system? Still difficult to grasp. Placed attacks suffer from a lack of investment in timing and precision gesture in assists. In a word, efficiency. The conquest? Button too often cafouillĂ©e deprives the XV of France precious launches. Melee it oscillates between excellent and mediocre . To his advantage against England. Humiliated by the Italians.

Welsh Ready To Revolt

To dream bigger, to win in doubles title ins (Grand Slam in 2012, first in 2013), the Blues will be in place better, more accurate, more robust. More control of their rugby. Of course, the start of Tournament Welsh – narrow victory against Italy in Cardiff ( 23-15 ), wide rout face the Irish in Dublin ( 26-3 ) – was unconvincing. But as Brice Mach stresses , Castres hooker that honor, at age 27, his first Relay Dimitri Szarzewski, “a wounded animal is always more dangerous than a beast with full confidence.” The Red Devils, upset, also have “promised hell” in French. To redeem himself in front of their people. But two and a half years later, to avenge the semifinals of World Cup, lost 9-8. Tenacious rancor,

It is in this boiling pot that convalescents Blues will therefore plunge Friday evening. Not out of pride scalded, they will raise their level of a – more? – Notch. Forget the fatigue of a crazy schedule to keep pace with a XV Leek announced that color “crack physically” their opponent. A threat which first concerns the front. Trotter in ruck ruck. Defend like madmen. Advance melee. Reign in the air. Take again and again, amid the glowing flames. “The key will be defense, not attack,” summarized Jules Plisson , brave young man who promised to lead by example, to earn the respect of his elders, offering her body to two bulldozers, Jamie Roberts and George North, centers 110 and 109 pounds respectively, that are sure to aim the blond tender.

If the XV of France unscathed from the crash test, the doors of a great happiness will open wide. Although negotiate moving in the Scottish incessant decline and once again promised the wooden spoon, March 15, will offer a final intense face the Irish at the Stade de France. But to dream, to finally realize the predictions of Philippe Saint-Andre, who believes with all his strength in this generation led by the untenable Fofana and overpowered Picamoles must, this Friday night, passing with honors fireproof .