Ferrari Must Meet Alonso

Luca di Montezemolo, chairman of Ferrari, was very clear: the Scuderia should be sure to provide a very competitive car to Fernando Alonso in 2014. But also to his future teammate Kimi Raikkonen , question win the constructors’ championship.

Alonso won two races early in the season 2013, but Ferrari has failed to maintain the same pace of development than its rivals. Relations with the Spaniard, who is always looking to win a third title, seemed tense during the summer . There were rumors about a possible start of Alonso after the 2014 season if the situation does not improve. To avoid this, Ferrari must quickly rebound.


“He has reason to be proud of his 2nd place (in the drivers’ championship .) He had a great season, “said di Montezemolo RAI Uno. “But we must give him a faster car because he managed to exploit to the fullest.”

“Next year, I want to give him a car that is even better than Red Bull. Should not forget that we know how. Simply think of five years during which we have overcome from 2000 to 2004, as well as victories in 2007 and 2008. I thank him for all the work he has put and determination he has shown this year, and also because he was ready to give up her seat Massa on the podium last Sunday in Brazil. This demonstrates the good atmosphere in our team. ”

The Promising Duo Alonso-Raikkonen

However, the Italian leader does not give a perfect score on Alonso, for many observers, has surpassed the gaps in his car this year to take the title of vice-champion: “I give it a rating of 8 out of 10. But my 8 is October 1 this note serve as an incentive. ”

Then he faced the dominance of Red Bull this year, Alonso stated he fought mainly against Adrian Newey, technical director of the championship team of 2013, rather than the four-time champion Sebastian Vettel . Di Montezemolo is not of the same opinion. “He is not fighting against Newey,” he has said. “Other drivers like Vettel, Hamilton and Rosberg, have greatly improved. And Raikkonen ( Ferrari who joins this winter ) also try to win, which will give us a boost and we should make the points that we lacked this year . ”

Di Montezemolo then recalled that the interests of the Scuderia should always be the first priority of its members: “Whoever has the honor to drive for Ferrari team must think first and foremost, and not himself . One of our drivers must not adversely affect the other. ”

“It is always difficult to make comparisons with the past, but Alonso is perhaps the best driver I’ve ever known. Regard to Raikkonen, we returned to enjoy the experience for what he accomplished over the past two seasons (with Lotus), and because it is very popular in the team and elsewhere. I was very happy to see the enthusiasm that followed the announcement of his return, both internally externally. I’m sure they will support each other. “