FC Barcelona The Disappointments Accumulate Off The Field The Club Reacts

After problems with the IRS Messi and investigation around the disorder transfer Neymar FC Barcelona Wednesday suffered a new setback with extra-sporting bans mercato next season for offenses on the transfer of minors

Barca responded late in the day by announcing that he would appeal the action to Fifa, then, if necessary, before the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

fc barcelona the disappointments accumulate off the field the club reacts

FC Barcelona The Disappointments Accumulate Off The Field The Club Reacts

But the announcement of the punishment has been a bombshell for the second club with the highest income in the world after Real Madrid, which is also known worldwide for its training center, the “Masia”.

“The Disciplinary Committee decided to punish the club a transfer ban at national and international level for two consecutive periods of transfers (contracts summer 2014 and winter ending 31 January 2015) and a fine of 450,000 Swiss francs (370,000 euros)” said the International Football Federation.

The fine, Barca can recover. However, the ban on buying players is a very heavy punishment for a club which multiple frames on departure.

FIFA has put forward a “serious offense” after investigations it has conducted on the cases of several minor players, registered in Barcelona and who contested competitions for the club between 2009 and 2013.

According to regulations, the international transfer of a player is only allowed if the child is at least 18 years, except three cases specific figure to which exceptions may be granted.

FIFA has allowed Barça to 90 days to regularize the situation of all children concerned, but a spokesman for the Federation stressed that this measure were “extras” of the sanction players, suggesting that regularization would so no lift.

-“Legal Resident”-

Defending in a statement 14 points, Barcelona has indicated that it intends to seek the sanction suspensive measures to “protect the rights of the club”. However, the rules of Fifa provides that appeals to the Appeals Committee of the federation are a priori not suspensive.

Highlighting the quality of its educational program, Barca is also forbidden to harm the young players he recruits.

“The model of the Masia includes educational training programs, hosting, maintenance, medical, detailed the club. FC Barcelona trains people before footballers, something that did not consider Fifa applying a sanction ignoring the educational function of our training program”.

Barça also ensures that he had “violated any civil law” as his players are “legal residents” in Spain.

Besides Barca, the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has been convicted of violations of regulations on transfers of underage players, with a fine of 500,000 Swiss francs (400,000 euros), and has one year to correct its regulatory framework.

-Vote-sanction Saturday?-

“The impact is brutal, because it is one more step on the slide discredit for FC Barcelona” said AFP Ramon Miravitllas, journalist, academic and author of the book “The political function of Barca”.

In recent months, the Catalan club has been rocked by a series of earthquakes: the case of suspected tax evasion around Lionel Messi; resignation of President Sandro Rosell, whom a complaint regarding the transfer of Neymar; and indictment of Barca, suspected of “offense against the public treasury” Spanish in the recruitment of young Brazilian.

The smooth image of the Catalan institution could be questioned but more abroad than in Spain, where opinion seems more lenient vis-a-vis legal troubles.

The next episode is likely to play at the polls: the current management, led by the successor and former right-hand Rosell, Josep Maria Bartomeu, has called a referendum on the renovation of the Camp Nou, a vast project of 600 million Euro ‘which must vote on Saturday 164000 “socios”. And the risk of a sanction vote is not rejected.