F1: Romain Grosjean Is No Longer “The Crazy First Round”

Grand Prix of Japan in 2012, there was a year Romain Grosjean wins the title of “crazy in the first round,” a nickname given by Australian Mark Webber, furious at having been stamped at the first corner of the race by the driver Franco- Swiss .

Japanese Grand Prix 2013, Sunday: Romain Grosjean is half the race before finishing 3rd, and receive the same praise of Mark Webber, 2nd “Roman has a different approach to the job this year, is more relaxed and confident, he makes fewer mistakes. was not there for him weave laurels but he did a good job after two difficult seasons. I just hope it will not continue for too forward of By the end of the season. “

Suzuka Suzuka, Romain Grosjean seems to have changed category. And weekend last, it has even been entered into the Grand Prize Winners. “I really thought for a moment that I would win my first race, “he explained at the end of a race finally snapped up by Sebastian Vettel – his ninth win of the year.


The German gifted the team Red Bull , which runs to a fourth straight title consecutive World, has also highlighted the performance of his rival at Lotus: “It was a great day for Roman, he made ​​a run fantastic. Last year, he made ​​mistakes, but the most important is to take lessons. Romain learned a lot, and it is constantly evolving, it deserves respect. “


Forgotten, the first laps in F1, this half-season in 2009, during which Grosjean had played seven Grand Prix without getting any points. Forgotten the torments of his first full season last year, where his involvement in numerous pile-ups that had earned him a Grand Prix suspension and the taunts of the Puppets of info . In 2013, the pilot born in Geneva there is 27 years old is already mounted on the podium four times ( Bahrain in April, Germany in July, South Korea and Japan in October) against three times last year.
Four Grand Prix at the end of the season, he has 87 points and should probably exceed 96 reached during fiscal 2012, ended in eighth place overall, one that also holds today. To find traces of a French pilot highest end of the season, we must go back to 1997, when Jean Alesi had risen in 5th position.

“I do not know if I’ve turned a corner, says Romain Grosjean. Was still work to be on a roll that lasts for me in Bahrain, with the exception of Monaco [retire after having hit another car] . I’m fun, I’m having fun. The more successful, the more we trust and the easier it is to work . “This virtuous circle he will eventually make him the successor to Olivier Panis last French to have won a Grand Prix (1996, in Monaco )?


“If it starts to be in a position to do every weekend, it will end up coming, “says the French Eric Boullier, the Lotus team manager, who rejoices to see his calmer driver “, flourished, and in control of himself “than last year.” The farther we go, the closer we get the win, enthused Grosjean after his podium in Japan. What a joy to be able to fight at the forefront and to do races like this. “


With only 41 F1 Grand Prix in the arms, Romain Grosjean still has some room for improvement. The next season would mark a new step for him, due to the departure – moderately appreciated by Lotus – at Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen, until driver of the No. 1 team.

In the coming days, the French should extend his contract with Lotus and become the leader, and a load of new responsibilities which he rejoiced “For two years I run for this team I dream of. become world champion and one day, in order to arrive , I have become a number one driver. Whenever I was the leader of a team, either Formula 3 or GP2, it went well. But c ‘ is for me to prove that I’m capable of. I will continue to do a good job, make good races, and things should evolve naturally in the right direction. “