F1 Lewis Hamilton Already A Candidate For The World Title

By winning the Malaysian Grand Prix Formula 1 Sunday on the Sepang circuit, especially in showing a total control from start to finish, Lewis Hamilton has outweighed its abandonment in Melbourne and poses serious candidate for World 2014.

The British had surprised everyone by starting at Mercedes-AMG at the end of the 2012 season. He was then looking for a new challenge, who had been detected and pampered by McLaren for many years, from its beginnings in karting in his world title in 2008, from his second F1 season.

f1 lewis hamilton already a candidate for the world title

F1 Lewis Hamilton Already A Candidate For The World Title

Today, at 29, he is in his head, at ease in his team, and very successful on the track. Pole position Saturday on a wet and tricky track, victory and fastest lap on Sunday more fuel and less spoiling its tires, not making any mistakes and arriving relaxed on the podium, despite the heat.

Perfect as in communication, he immediately paid tribute to the 239 victims of Flight MH370 Malaysian, and it seemed all the more sincere than Lewis is very religious. So when he says he feels “privileged” and “grateful”, even raising his eyes to heaven, it is credible. And this also contributes to its beautiful image, like his regular “tweets” to 2 million fans.

Hamilton is also a “team player”, he has a sense of team, and this season 2014 will show if the beautiful cohesion of the Mercedes-AMG team will resist his growing rivalry with Nico Rosberg, his best friend in the paddock. So far, so good, as the two drivers, blond, victorious in Melbourne, and brown, winner in Sepang, are leading the championship, and because there are 17 GP run.

– ‘I will continue to grow’ –

“We have always respected, from karting, and there is no reason to change that,” repeated the two Monegasque residents long weekend. “There will be team orders, it is inevitable,” said Rosberg in Malaysia, he had struggled a bit in qualifying. “The important thing is the team,” said Toto Wolff, the chief operating officer, believes to have “the best pair of drivers,” the board.

To distinguish between Lewis and Nico, at the option of race incidents and mechanical failures, there will inevitably be the chance of success, which plays a crucial role in motor sport. There will also be Sebastian Vettel, quadruple world champion title and neo-father, whose poor form only lasted one weekend in Australia.

“Sebastian was very fast here and put pressure Nico, Hamilton said Sunday evening. If you look at their race pace, their car is as fast as ours turns, I looked at the GPS. They are just a little slower in a straight line. “

“I’m sure Renault will solve this, and when this is the case you will attend big fights between us and Red Bull. They have a fantastic car. And even Ferrari is not that far. It will heat more this year, “said Hamilton. He loves F1, really, so he’d rather win when there was the fight on the track.

“I will continue to push my team to continue to develop and improve the car,” he has said. There are plenty of areas where we can still improve, and I’m sure everyone does the same thing. “

You can count on him to boost morale in Brackley. The first candidate displayed to the world title in 2014, it is Lewis Hamilton.