Europcar – Bernaudeau: “I wish Voeckler has more chance”

Shortly before the end of the year, Bernaudeau takes stock of the 2013 season Team Europcar. The manager of the Vendee training particularly welcomes the good performance of the younger generation throughout the season and the relevance of their training through the Vendee U.

Team Europcar Has Made ​​A Remarkable Start To The Season, With Victories Bryan Coquard Or That Of Damien Gaudin On The Prologue Of Paris-Nice. Did You Expect Such An Explosion?

Bernaudeau: Yes. We were sure to have a good team, but this season, with the brewing talents gives us the Vendee U notably Bryan Coquard, we immediately put in the allure.


And that was half a surprise. It has created a good momentum and good momentum, it talks. This is the magic of sport. The team won early with Yohann Genoa (sixth stage of the Tropicale Amissa Bongo), Bryan Coquard and with the added strength of Thomas Voeckler who inspires us good momentum. So it was a very good start, but also a very good all season short because we beat our historical record for victories with 26 successes this year to 12 riders.

Then There Was The Period Of The Tour De France, Which Is Difficult To Judge Because There Was No Stage Victory as In Previous years. But On The Other Hand, The Team Has Not Been Transparent On The Roads Of The Tour This Summer.

JR.B: The bar was very high because it leaves unimaginable two years, where we had a huge success in 2011 and 2012. It’s been three years since we brought a jersey in Paris on the Champs Elysees, the stage wins and the yellow jersey twice. We knew it would be tough. And then the Tour de France, there has been no success. There were two big teams that have locked the pack (Sky and Saxo Bank, Ed), and escapement most were convicted. So in the role of attackers, there was no success in the image of Pierre Rolland, who ran after the polka dot jersey for the entire Tour de France.


But I do not judge my guys because if Peter had been polka dot jersey in Paris, the Tour de France was wonderful. You can not judge on the Tour de France.

However, The End Of The season Was Marked By Many Successes With The Victory Of Thomas Voeckler At The Tour du Poitou-Charentes , But Also Of Angelo Tulik Excellent Shape And Tony Hurel.

JR.B: Yes, and it confirms that our overall system, with sport-studies from which the majority of our riders is right. Detection of talent is fundamental to the future of sport. We do not want to buy what others make for us as we make.

With 26 Wins In The Key, The 2013 Season Is Still Very Positive.

JR.B: Yes indeed, this is a very very positive that we can learn from this season. Without World Tour, we did have access to a lot of races and finished 18th World team, which gives us hope to be selected for the World Tour in a few days (November 22).

Thomas Voeckler Deserved To Finish On A High  

What Did You Think Of Bryan Shiner, Which Is Still The Revelation of The Year For Team Europcar?

JR.B: He has charisma, it is versatile, this is a great track racer and a very good road. It is of course part of the revelations as it is the youngest French sprinter. But in others that will happen in 2015, and we know that it will create competition, as with Thomas Voeckler before, and now Bryan. They are young and promising that won the Coupe de France this year.

Precisely, We Feel A Sense Of Family In The Team Europcar, Perhaps Because Riders Have Known For Years Through The Vendee U. Do You Think This Is A Driver For The Team?

JR.B: Yes it is a real engine, and it is a real difference that grows. In this regard, we recruited Jimmy Engoulvent and Fabrice Jeandesboz who are home because they were trained in the Vendée U. Roman Guillemois, who just finished his engineering studies in parallel, also arrives in the Vendée U. We have three runners “labeled”, there are only Yannick Martinez and Romain Sicard, who are not in our industry but are also very promising. Today we have 25 riders who are certain to wear the jersey Europcar next season, and Antoine Duchesne join us if we have the World Tour license.

Do You Regret This 2013 Season?

JR.B: If I have a regret, it would be the Tour of Lombardy , where Thomas Voeckler deserved to finish on a high note . It would have been nice if he is accompanied by another rider. The final script was written a little early, but Thomas is registered in another scenario and I think other riders could enjoy an open race as Thomas likes to do. All alone, he was sentenced to gigantic feat, but he almost killed himself. But two, they were after. For what he brings to the team, it is said to be present from February to Lombardy, and for what it represents youth, I wish he had more luck.

Racism Is One Of My Fights  

If You Were To Tell Us A Highlight, What Would It Be?

JR.B: My emotional moment this year, thanks to Natnael Berhane on the Tour of Turkey. When I saw the green jersey in the final of this difficult arrival (third stage of the Tour of Turkey), it made me extremely heartwarming. It was a gamble integration, a cheeky bet to invest in the emerging continent. But it was a real pleasure and a real highlight.

Europcar Is A Candidate For World Tour For The 2014 Season. If You Are Selected, How Will You Manage Your Workforce?

JR.B: There will be choices to make, but we will stay with a staff of 26 riders. There will be priorities at the races that we decided to participate. We also have Genauzeau Benoit , who was in the Vendee U DS for eight years who will join us (and to replace Sebastien Joly, Ed). Benoit never wanted to join the pro team without finding his successor so that the Vendee U remains in a good momentum. This is now done. But the arrival of Benoit in the team is also a big plus for riders who already know, and especially Bryan Coquard. Lots of runners have worked with him since he is the head of the Vendee U for eight years.

In view of The 2013 Season, You Have The Right To Expect An Even Better 2014 Season, If Not The Same To Succeed. What Are Your Main Objectives?

JR.B: I would further develop our difference through true values ​​of sport are the development of people, that is to say there is still more wins, but more riders up arms.


There was twelve this year, but next year, I’d like there to be even more. And if I had a dream, it would be that Kevin Reza, Natnael Berhane Yohann discomfort or earn a very great race to fight again a little racism that sometimes exists in the bike. Personally, in my heart, it would be a great pleasure they go looking for a victory. We are the only team to have runners color and it touches me deeply because racism is one of my fights.