Djokovic-Becker, An Association That Will Make Boum Boum

Novak Djokovic announced Wednesday that the former world No. 1 Boris Becker Boum Boum be their head coach next year. A surprising choice. That will spark?

This is a decision that will surprise many. Novak Djokovic has decided to appeal to Boris Becker in an attempt to regain the place in 2014 World No. 1 Rafael Nadal is currently occupied. Successfully trained since 2006 by the Slovak Marian Vajda (48 years), the Djoker has decided – after consultation with Vajda would have blown him the idea, according to the official formula take a real turning point in his career by enlisting the former World No. 1 German. For the latter, it will be indeed a great first, who has never held a player as head coach.


Specifically, Becker (46) integrates the drive structure of the Serbian player alongside Miljan Amanovic Gebhard Phil-Gritsch and Vajda, who takes a step back and no longer accompany his protege on a few tournaments in the occurrence Indian Wells, Madrid, Toronto and Beijing. “Boom Boom” will travel most of the time with “Nole” as it will be with him at the Australian Open, Dubai, Miami, Monte Carlo, Rome, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, Cincinnati, the U.S. Open, Shanghai, Paris-Bercy Masters and London.

“A New Approach”

“I’m really excited to work with Boris says Serbian player on its website. It is a true legend, someone who has a true knowledge of tennis and his experience will help me to win new trophies, including Grand Slam. Becker is also a nice person and I’m sure he’ll lead our team in the best possible way. Boris will happen with a new approach that is refreshing, and Vajda it will form a winning combination. My goal for 2014 is to play my best tennis Grand Slam and Masters at 1,000. Our structure is now strengthened and hopefully get great results. ”

Youngest champion in history at Wimbledon (17 in 1985), Boris Becker – still very popular in Germany – has won 49 titles during his career, including six Major (Wimbledon 1985, 1986, 1989 and 1989 U.S. Open Australia 1991), and the Davis Cup (1988 and 1989). Retired tennis since 1999 and often criticized for its excesses of all kinds (marital problems, problems with the taxman, alcohol.), it is one of the few players in history to have a 80% ratio of wins Grand Slam. “I am proud that Novak has asked me to become their head coach, says Becker on the site of his new protege. I will do my best to help them achieve their goals and I’m sure we can achieve great things together. ”

The choice between the lines Djokovic formalizes his sense of failure after two years 2012 and 2013 mixed under 2011. Stratospheric this year (three Major, 5 Masters 1000), who had then acquired the nickname “Cosmic tennis” stagnating for two years. Can not be content with two Grand Slam titles, six and two Masters 1000 Masters (his record in 2012-2013, still.!), “Nole” wants to return to the top. The pressure will be enormous on the shoulders of Becker who inherits perhaps a poisoned gift. Good luck!