Discontinued Miami

Heat was surprised that night on his floor in Detroit. Brooklyn still does not get better, while the Thunder struggled to win in Sacramento. But the main show was hosted by Philadelphia and Orlando.

The Summary Of The Night:

All good things come to an end. The beautiful series of 10 consecutive victories in Miami and was completed last night. A bit surprise because it was the Pistons who came to impose Florida (97-107). The Heat will long regret his poor start to the match (18-28), although it is not income in Detroit 4 minutes from the buzzer (88-91). Except that this was the moment chosen by Brandon Jennings (15 pts w-5) out of the box. An award-winning shot, then a fly ball to LeBron James (23 pts, 6 wt) himself further, and the Pistons had only fly to victory. “We had very good performances from several boys on this game,” the coach could gloat Maurice Cheeks. It is true that 7 players 10 points or more (including Kyle Singler (18) and Rodney Stuckey (16), both off the bench), the Pistons slid perfectly. This defeat Heat prevents approach the Pacers beat the previous night.


Much further in the standings in the Eastern Conference, Brooklyn had another disappointment at home. This time it was Denver who came Rouster Nets (87-111). Before the end of the first quarter (29-27), Joe Johnson (22 pts) and others have completely collapsed thereafter, to point to -23 at the start of the last quarter (66-89)! The Nuggets were able to quickly rotate, wisely since the bench score 57 111 points of victory. Timofey Mozgov is especially entertained in snowshoes with 17 points and 20 rebounds. “No need to feel sorry about us. Nobody in the League takes pity on us. That does anyone laugh at us, “launched reporters Kevin Garnett (2 pts, 6 rebounds), somewhat annoyed. Brooklyn has a record of 5 wins, 13 losses, and has 2 hit at 10 deniers matches played. In the West, OKC has been a scare but has still won in Sacramento (95-97). The trio Ibaka-Durant-Westbrook has compiled 55 points, and thought hold the right end at the start of the last period (65-80). Nay, the Kings recollaient -3 (88-91) under the leadership including Isaiah Thomas (21-of-24 pts in the last 12 minutes), and it was all plumb Jeremy Lamb (14 pts) , long distance, to calm local enthusiasm. Thomas had one last chance to send everyone to a second overtime buzzer, missed opportunity. This is the 8th consecutive win for the Thunder.

The Frenchy Night:

One French was out last night: Evan Fournier. And in the tradition of his last appearances, the Charentonnais had only crumbs to put in their mouths. 6 minutes to be precise, during which he only had one rebound. Too bad, because Denver has many drawn from his bench in the win in Brooklyn. In the last 7 games he played, Fournier never had more than 10 minutes to speak. So it sparkles less for “More Champagne”.

E. Fournier (Den): 0 pt, 0/1, 1 rbd, 6 min (rem)

The MVP Of The Night:

While the 76ers and Magic have somewhat forgotten defend last night (126-125). While the players have got the rab with two extra bonus to show more than some of their classmates. Perf ‘Arron Afflalo still deserves to be highlighted. Former UCLA student released his best career game with 43 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 steals. Unfortunately for him, it was not enough because Washington could count on its gate Michael Carter-Williams. It has score 27 points (11/19), picked up 12 rebounds, 10 assists issued and intercepted three balls. Note that in this same game, Victor Oladipo did almost as well with 26 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists and 3 steals. Two rookies each carry a triple double in a game is just a first in the history of the NBA! The last time two players had passed their first career triple-double in a game in 1964, with Donnie Butcher and Ray Scott, both in the colors of the Pistons. But they were then not rookies.

A. Afflalo (Orl): 43 pts, 14/27, 6 rebounds, 5 wt, 2 int, 52 min (tit)
Carter-Williams (Phi): 27 pts, 11/19, 12 rebounds, 10 pds, 3 int, 47 min (tit)
V. Oladipo (Orl): 26 pts, 8/18, 10 rebounds, 10 pds, 3 int, 52 min (tit)
G. Davis (Orl): 33 pts, 15/24, 3 rebounds, 3 w, 2 int, 50 min (tit)

Results Night:

Boston – Milwaukee 108-100
Brooklyn – Denver 87-111
Miami – Detroit 97-107
Memphis – Phoenix 110-91
Dallas – Charlotte 89-82
Sacramento – Oklahoma City 95-97
Golden State – Toronto 112-103
Philadelphia – Orlando 126-125 (ap)