Day 3 Heineken Cup

The highlights of the third round of the Heineken Cup. Here they come on congratulations to Connacht, performance Bastareaud flop Racing or mood of Thomond Park.

Toulouse -Connacht: 14-16 Nicolas ZANARDI.

Of course, we mostly learned from this confrontation defeat could not be more surprising Toulouse. Of course, with its 85% of home victory in the Heineken Cup and the Ernest-Wallon unbeaten this season, the stadium stood in archi-favorite face Connacht, who had never beaten the Zebra Parma this season. Of course, Toulouse beat by offering tirelessly as a private bulldozer driver, a first curtain ultra-supplied.The problem? Is that all these “course” have distanced us from the sporting highlight. In this respect, it should simply draw a big hats off to the team of Connacht, for having overturn all predictions.


Congratulation to the two former, Dan Parks and Craig Clarke, contractors for the evil plan concocted by Pat Lam. And congratulations to Muldoon, Heenan, Marmion, Carr, Henshaw, and the whole army of unemployed grades awarded for rugby instead is his: that of a simple game of courage and envy, but also intelligence. Which is also sometimes to separate the ball by foot (or by pass!) Rather than challenge his opponent blows shoulders.

Racing Harlequins: 8-32.

Racing can really sink any lower than this? In Nantes, the elements seemed yet met. Leaders had succeeded to their relocation causing nearly 30,000 people in the Beaujoire Stadium. The competition seemed to smile Parisians who, away from the worries of the championship, were unbeaten on the first two days. And then Nothing. Flat EEG. Without even prowled collective, Racing-Metro 92 can not do without a commitment. In Nantes, individual errors were legion. Renunciations the offensive combat. Beaten by stronger but also betrayed by itself, Racing really can not fall lower. And we begin to say that unless a rapid and dramatic response, the season will be very long for the Club President Lorenzetti.

Leicester-Montpellier: 41-32. Gregory LETORT

He had to have loved this game Super Rugby air. 8 trials and 73 points from both sides: Leicester Montpellier, appears the third round of the Heineken Cup has passed Fabien GalthiĆ© , the boss of MHR by all states. Desolation first with three runs against his team in just fifteen minutes of play then hope followed by the revolt of his men. The stress in the final seconds when his team could still cherish the hope of victory before losing his double bonus on the ultimate drop Tigers. Regrets finally when leaving Welford Road. Because this team could do better, because it has certainly lost its European illusions in the Midlands. Fabien Galthie was virtually eliminated but he was smiling. “I had a good time.” At the time of the review, it was tongue-in-cheek, a bit smug, a bit evasive. Atypical. If it is a role he plays well. “I’m not crazy,” he has said many times. “I am confident for the future. I believe hard as iron.” He had difficulties to explain, he just wanted to promise: “This will go I do not know when, but it will work.”.

Exeter-Toulon: 9-14 Marc Duzan.

If Exeter, men Bernard Laporte took over the top of Pool 2, they owe in part to the performance of their four-star three-quarters center Bastareaud . Empowered impact, one of his tackles led to the output of the master to play Chiefs flyhalf Gareth Steenson second best director last Premiership. Visibly annoyed to have been little used by the staff of the XV of France during the last fall tour, the bulldozer RCT now returns to the level at which he moved last year. In the corridors of Sandy Park, far from indulging in a guilty euphoria Bastareaud said:”Against Exeter, Bernard (Laporte) told us about knockout Nothing is as it played three games remaining C ‘ is now a favorable ballot, but we must stay focused. It will ensure the next week against a team that has nothing to lose. It will send everywhere. For us to be ready. ”

Munster-Perpignan: Jeremy FADAT 36-8.

The “Red Army” is definitely eternal. Because Thomond Park is unique. Because the atmosphere is as exceptional as the enclosure, planted in an almost unreal from the center of Limerick city and the surrounding countryside, is mythical. Because the “sixth man” is the most faithful. For all these reasons, the Irish province is and will remain eternal. She was said to aging, it is thought the decline. Nay! Sunday, Keith Earls, named man of the match proved that he remained one of the best wingers in the continent. Paul O’Connell and his 34 spring have continued to advance the impact. Sean Dougall, always offensive support, ominpresent in the air and intractable defensively, came out of anonymity. Casey Laulala showed that elegance ball in his hands had no equal. And David Kilcoyne testified in Ireland, Cian Healy was not the only pillar left hyperactive in open play. The whole front of 24,000 spectators as enthusiastic and loud when their team attacks that respectful and quiet when the opponent striker rushed. Yes, this one is eternal Munster. And the USAP has learned the hard way.

Castres Ospreys: 15-9 Vincent BISSONNET.

We play the 82nd minute of the match. In an unpredictable surge of pride, the Ospreys undertake the siege of the in-goal Tarn. The suspense reaches its climax as if transformed test, the Welsh win the game. Castres stand barbed wire and are penalized twice. The first whistle, they found fourteen, Geoffrey Palis scooping a yellow card. Then in the second, they find themselves a hundred on the stadium Pierre -Antoine. Castres young supporters, believing at the end of the match, have indeed spontaneously invaded the pitch. Back behind the barriers, they were able to attend a few seconds later, the happy ending of the game. This stage of invasion had already occurred this fall. Can legitimately expect that these small hiccups in the organization do not encourage leaders to prevent access to the field. These convivial scenes of jubilation, allowing fans and bushels to mingle with their star players are part of the charm of the Olympic Castres .

Clermont-Llanelli: 32-11. Leo FAURE

“This is the victory that old and large. This old fat? It is a little too.” Joining the locker room with a broad smile, the Clermont captain Aurelien Rougerie could enjoy. After scares a half, the Clermont appealed to big arms to regain forward and begin a work of destruction in the axis. Direct game in which Cudmore (35), Nathan Hines (38), Gerhard Vosloo (34) or Julien Bonnaire (35) shined. Value and age are two different things. This is not the captain Rougerie, awesome the whole game from the top of its 33 years, who say otherwise.