[Cyclo-Cross] Solomon Brothers Were Prophets In Their Country In The Sixties

Solomon, Jacques Hubert and brothers will be guest stars Championships 2014 France cyclo-cross, which will be organized on 11 and 12 January by the VC Lignieres club they carried the colors in the 60s. Meeting.

Jacques Hubert and Solomon respectively Baugy born August 25, 1934 and May 24, 1936. Very soon, the brothers will discover a passion for cycling and especially for cyclocross that will open the gates of glory.


After honing her twenty years at UCI Berry, Hubert joined his brother in the Future Lignieres and both monopolize the podium with a vengeance and calf strength.

If Jacques barely remembers his first bike (“he half-balloon tires,” he recalls), he easily remembers his first success on the road, to Laugere in category 4 that the powered shortly afterwards 1st cate.

Geminiani A Measure Offered By The Club Lignieres

Hubert is less reserved than his older brother and joker. He remembers his first biclou as if it was yesterday. “It was a bespoke Geminiani by Duret Silver rings and it is the club Lignieres who offered me. It is with him that I won all my victories and then I stayed loyal to the club. “The two brothers quickly show lovely arrangements for cycling competition but their work schedules leave little room for training worthy of the name. Yet Jacques Hubert and will conduct their merry way, supported by their eight brothers and sisters. Jacques was rather climber but a real “diesel”.

“It took me at least twenty minutes to be good on a cyclo-cross,” he smiles. The success was still often go .Hubert himself was more built for cyclocross. Adroit, agile and very strong when the field took the pitch. Its excellent technician reputation was established. Even after two years of military service in Algeria past, his talent was not altered! “Cyclo-cross of Saint-Hilaire-en-Lignières was very hard and there was a passage that no one else but me going by bike. Even Verdenal, Graczyk and other Meunier bike down, “he recalls, pensive look.

Hubert Solomon Was Forced To Abandon The World
Because Of A Crash
The Drive

Hubert Solomon was feared like the plague in the woods as he needed. At that point in a cyclo-cross in the U.S. (duet) on the circuit careers Bourges, which involved Jacques Anquetil, the organizers did not want to be associated with Hubert Verdenal or his brother. “They knew we would beat Anquetil and this is what they wanted to avoid.”

Hubert was a dreaded acrobat all. He mastered perfectly the machine and its trajectory, while leaving its equipment. “I broke little derails in my career,” he likes to say who was also a famous descender.

Hubert was also a real fighter who never abdicated. “At Apremont, I popped 500 meters from the line, I thought about one tenth of a second and I continued pedaling to finally cross the finish line as the winner! I had two choices: back on the bike and win or lose or finish on foot to the risk of being double and really lose.”.

Hubert is aware of having, with his brother, left his mark on the county and cycling lignierois. But regrets remain. And even his coronation championship hopes France Fontenay-sous-Bois where the two brothers were not skilled enough to soften the disappointment.

“When I won the Grand Prix de France hopes, January 24, 1960, I did not receive shirt tricolor (category hopes was not recognized, ie) but this title opened my doors world championships in Tolosa (Spain), a month later. Unfortunately, I crashed yesterday in training and I was forced to abandon due to a broken shoulder. ”

Hubert did not budge: “The track was made for me! I would perhaps not beat Rolf Wolfshohl (very good German cyclo-cross specialist, ed) but I could have finished second. ”

Still, the Solomon brothers seared memories of their opponents. And Saturday 11 and Sunday, January 12 next, when a reunion with some of them during the championships of France cyclo-cross Lignieres the conversation in full swing, among the ancients, to the reminiscing if glorieuxæ

Jacques Salomon

Born 25 August 1934 in Baugy.

Club: Future of Lignieres.

Awards: 80 wins in cyclo-cross and four regional champion titles in 1962, 1963, 1965 and 1966, participation in several championships of France, champion of France hopes in 1960, a selection for the World Championships the same year.

Hubert Solomon

Born 24 May 1936 in Baugy.

Clubs: Union Cycliste de Berry and Future Lignières.

Awards: 5 wins on the road and about 70 in cyclo-cross, two regional championships from 1958 to 1961 and in 1968 and 3rd in 1969 and 1977, participation in several championships of France.