Cycling: Mourey, The King Of Cyclocross

Francis Mourey won Sunday Lignieres (Cher) his eighth title of champion of France cyclo-cross. A record. “There I miss the rainbow jersey rainbow world champion.”

smiled the Franc-Comtois, 33, a few minutes after this new success which puts the top of his discipline. Over three legends Cyclocross Eugene Christophe (seven time winner between 1909 and 1921), Roger Rondeaux (between 1947 and 1954) and Andre Dufraisse (between 1955 and 1963).


On the sunny golf Lignieres, the rider of the team killed the suspense in the first round. “I took of option impose my rhythm, I knew I was able to take this pace for an hour, ” he explained after the race.

Only fear for the eightfold champion of France, a fall has knocked at the beginning of the second round without losing to much command of the race. “I arrived just too fast and I was deported. But there was no effect on the mechanical. The towers following, I went a little slower, I managed, without detailed Mourey s’ worry about this glitch. were often made ​​mistakes, we drive on the razor’s edge to try to go faster. ”

As precise as a clock Franche-Comte, Mourey turned at a very steady pace for s’ ensure an advance of about a minute. It is released only in the tenth and final round to enjoy those precious moments before the whole staff of his training came for the occasion. Behind him, his teammate Arnold Jeannesson second last year, has stood at this level until the halfway point before downshifting and finish his career in 11th place, away from the small group that was played places of honor.


Fabien Canal (24), specialist mountain bike so far and who has joined the club of the Army of land, became first national podium, alongside Nicolas Bazin (30 years), which has ended his career as a professional rider in late December but assured the bronze medal at the expense of Etienne Guillaume Perrot.

“In France, it is shorter for first place”, said Bazin paying tribute to the winner: “It is not at all to put into question Francis, which is a very nice guy and a great professional, but accounts for 99% of the image Cyclocross in France. ”

The French leader, who will follow this week internship in the south of France with his team to accomplish “a large block of work,” especially now-head meeting you in Hoogerheide, the Netherlands circuit that will host the 2 February the world championship. Without making complex compared to Belgian specialists, although it recognizes “not be a killer. ” Like others, I have my chance to climb on the podium, he repeated. And, I hope, on the top step. “