Cycling Francois Pervis Everything Is Played In The Head

The French achieved a unique treble by winning all individual sprint titles at the World (keirin, kilometer speed). A first.

New sacred “king” of speed, Francois Pervis entered Sunday Cali in the history of World track by passing an unprecedented tripled win three individual titles in the sprint.

cycling francois pervis everything is played in the head

Cycling Francois Pervis Everything Is Played In The Head

Especially since the French cyclist concluded its World Track Cycling a gold medal in the discipline’s flagship individual speed.

Tell Us Your World.

I had three big events. The keirin, it is very long sprint, kilometer, it is the last ditch effort, physically, is that there are harder. I immediately chained by the 200 meters for the individual sprint and I had a great time. So, my day was relatively quiet, because I had the easiest tournament. I will not say that they were training sprints (Saturday), but it made me scoured my miles the day before, it drained my legs. Today (Sunday), I really do not think I had as good legs. I was stiff when I got up, but on the home trainer, my muscle was hot, I could not feel my legs. Following is the head takes over.

Have You Had A Moment Of Doubt?

I was always sure of myself, I have never doubted. In the second inning, Bötticher seemed less fresh as it could be, since it has only individual speed. It runs fine, but I know how to fight tactically. You had to be patient, do not give any too soon. I told myself that if it were to two to three bikes at the bell (announcing the final round) and if I ran like a 200 meters, he would never return in the opposite line. I made a 10 s 0 against Dmitriev semifinal, I was in full confidence.

What Did You Have In Mind For The Olympics In Rio In 2016?

Today, I do not think concretely in Rio. Even if I place my ball two years Olympics. I showed more of what I could be effective after four or five days of competition. I am aware of my ability, I show others that I am very strong and can count on me in the context of the Games. But it is in two years. It can take a lot. I do not make plans on the comet, given that I took in the mouth in 2012 (his non-selection for the London Olympics).

What Explains Your Progress?

I knew question myself. When I’m in Japan , I really causes alone, for road, track and gym. I learned to know myself better. My coaches for ten years, and Gerard Quintyn Florian Rousseau gave me the basics. Every year, I’m all alone in Japan for five months. I learned to know exactly what I need, I do a lot of (work) quality. This is a whole, big gears, questioning and full of tricks, molded my shoes, I take glucose before sprinting to know if I’m hypo or hyper not make shots munchies my warm … And I have no fear of anyone, I debunked. I’m here to play sports and enjoy myself.

What You Have There To Conquer?

It remains the title of the team sprint. And ensure, with colleagues, that France is world champion again, we win the Olympics, and the same individually. Rio, it will happen very soon.