Corosine: “We Must Revenge”

The gates of the Top 16 of the Euroleague, Nanterre is not master of his destiny, however. Thursday, as part of the final day of the group stage, the JSF will have to win against the leader of the group, Fenerbah├že, hoping a setback Partizan before CSKA Moscow to achieve its purposes. Despite the fatigue, Xavier Corosine assured, large green men will still give everything!

Did You Starting The Competition A Chance To Play Your Position In The Top 16 During The Final Day?

It would be a lie to say that we expected. We did not think at all that scenario.


Now, we have been able to show that with hard work and a lot of commitment could not disturb a lot of teams, and even do some exploits. We are very happy to be in this position today.

Do You Still Regret On This Course, Including The Game Of The Week In Kiev?

At the state of mind, sometimes it’s true that we have been missing. In Kiev, was not the right thing. On the content of this particular game, that’s for sure, we have regrets. Then we could learn from this benefit. For us to make every effort to create a final mean feat Top 16.

You Feel Your Partner Able To Transcend Against Fenerbahce.

Yes, totally! We must revenge after our last two matches, although fatigue is felt. Our goal is to do everything tomorrow to have no regrets. We hope for it to be physically ready. Mentally, it will be, that’s for sure! Must follow the body.

Is This Fatigue That You Feel Explains Your Small Decline Diet Pro?

Yes I suppose. It is clear that the teams that are successful today in Euroleague sometimes have difficulties in their championship. It’s part of the game a lot of energy is spent in this competition. Just to exist, there must be a lot of intensity in every game. We begin to pay the bill.

“We Respect A Little More”

The Fener Is Required Of You As A Scarecrow. Yet On The Way, Did You Know Hang This Turkish Team.

Overall, we had a good game there, it’s true. The difference in talent and workforce still had pleaded for them late in the game. And it still had not suffered badly. Now, at home, with the help of our audience, perhaps to compete with them until after they happen and why not to win.

Partizan Has Managed To Dominate The Turks Last Week. This Surprising Result You He Calls?

I do not know . I heard some comments, yes. It can be described as a bit odd match but Fener really had the balls to win in the end. Us, we do not calculate this kind of thing, we had to be imposed in Kiev to make us safe. We did not. We no longer have the choice now: you need to win Thursday night!

Do You Feel You Have Gained Credit European Scene?

In any case, there are more surprise! We won against Barcelona was hooked CSKA home, we often answer this home as well as outside, except in Belgrade then yes, I think that looks have changed on us, it is in our pool or on a global scale in the Euroleague. This is a good thing, we respect us a little more. But we must continue to achieve great performance to maintain it.

“We’re Human, We Can Unpin”

France Has Not Had A Representative In The Top 16 For Seven Years. Is It A Pressure Factor For You?

No, but a source of motivation, yes! I really see it as an engine, not a pressure on our shoulders.

The European Adventure, Whatever Happens, Will Not Be Completed On Thursday. Behind, You’ll At Least Eurocup Play.

Yes, it has not yet addressed the issue if it turns out that is eliminated from the Euroleague, I think this will Eurocup thoroughly. It will also be a competition raised including the Euroleague teams repaid, there will be strong!

And Always Defending Your Championship Of France.

Absolutely! It is already back to what we managed to do early in the season. Then, if we can hang the playoffs, we saw last year, anything is possible!

About Pro, How Do You Think The Events Of The Last Day Between The PL And The BCM?

These are things that unfortunately can happen. Maybe the series of Gravelines, the frustration that this can cause, played.We are human, we can unpin, but it is not the best answer to give. All this happened, the players involved immediately regretted their actions, I think we should not make a mountain.