Cornet: “More Thoughtful”

Alize Cornet finished the season in 27th place in the world and # 1 in French activity. The French live now says his career is more thoughtful and aware of the intensity required on the circuit to go even higher.

“Alize Cornet, How Did This Course With A Part Of The Team Of France Fed Cup Boulouris?

There really has a great group cohesion and I really enjoyed myself. It is the occasion when you are in a group exceed its limits in a good mood and it helps me a lot because I’m a competitor, I do not like that is better than me, suddenly it’s a very healthy competition (laughs).


After my vacation I followed Boulouris so I just returned to Roland Garros: perhaps it will also be an opportunity with my team to take stock of the season and is projected onto the next. I always ask a lot of questions and it helps to put things flat, reassure me.

You Are In The Top 30, Have Rebounded After Tough Loss In The Third Round At Wimbledon: What Have You Chosen For 2014?

“It’s good to have this second part of his career with more maturity and be more thoughtful,”

After this defeat very difficult match against Flavia Pennetta I have spoken at length with George (Ed. Goven, his coach) and he said:” There are things you must not do. You want to get in the Top 30 in the Top 20 then thou must do the effort.” It was very hard to digest but I’m less impatient than before so even when I lose a game very difficult I say I’m on the right track. We must continue to be more aggressive, rework my forehand because he sometimes plays tricks on me, keep my service work becomes a weapon. In one year I also made tremendous progress physically. We have a line of work mapped out and it is reassuring. I am World 27th and I still have room for improvement: it’s top.

You Feel A Change In The Requirements Of The Circuit

It is no longer a match where there may be 60-70%. The level is raised and so homogeneous that if a Top 10 is not careful it can be chewed by a girl who is in 50 or 60. We can no longer save. Find the Top 10 15/Top seems more difficult now than in 2008, but maybe with the insouciance of youth I did easily. If I go back into the Top 15, I know why: I have worked for and I would know the recipe to make it happen. It’s also good to have this second part of his career with more maturity and be more thoughtful.

Much Has Been Said Recently Doping Controls: What Is Your Position?

“I want to promote this clean tennis, I want to believe”

First day of training, 6:30: control (laughs). I am greeted with a smile: they are there for tennis remains clean, even though at the time it’s a little sweat. I want to promote this clean tennis, I want to believe.


I do not think the players are doped, it may be naive and there are many who are not of the same opinion, but I hope the authorities do their job. For me and for everyone I know, doping is not even a question, it is normal to accept checks, not to be doped. But it would remove the doubt because some take it as an excuse.” I lost because others are doped” We lose because the other is better. Rafael Nadal, players have many doubts about him, but when you see his attitude on the field as he fights, never give up and all that he gives.It’s so ugly to say that, because we see that goes with his gut and does not need to be doped to it. “