Clement Imposes Its Style

Relying solely on Richard Gasquet and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Arnaud Clement has succeeded against Australia. But the captain of France’s Davis Cup refuses to hear about operation “in Czech.”

They were five in Mouilleron-le-Captive this week. If Gilles Simon, designate during the draw, knew on Thursday that he could not play the first round of the Davis Cup against Australia, Gael Monfils and especially Julien Benneteau thought they could make a decisive point in France in view to qualifying for the quarterfinals. It did not happen.

Richard Gasquet et Jo Wilfried Tsonga (Fra) et Arnaud Clement

Since Arnaud Clement finally decided to align the only Richard Gasquet and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga to play both single Friday and twice on Saturday to the dismay of Bressan: “I was disappointed yesterday (Friday) when Arnaud came to tell me that I would not play. But when he picked me, he told me about the opportunities available to him. I think it has lined up a group that allows it to have maximum options. We are fortunate to have two members of the Top 10 in the team, it was legitimate to test twice. They made ​​a great game … “The final result is due to captain a clear and flawless victory (3-0) , set in two days and with style.

               ” It is a French operation to our own operations, with our culture of Davis Cup”

Less conservative than his predecessor Guy Forget (he did not hesitate to depart from the group his friend Michael Llodra), Clement imposes its style after a tough initiation in 2013 campaign marked by the Argentine fiasco (elimination despite the absence of Juan Martin Del Potro and some implosion within the group). “I really want to see it twice, to see what it could give in a situation of stress. It must be able to explore other avenues. We see that it works. It is therefore a possibility of more, very interesting for the future, “says the Aix, recipient of a beautiful popularity today.

However talk to him especially not the Czech model, which has built its success (two consecutive Silver Bowls in 2012 and 2013) in operation for two players, Tomas Berdych and Radek Stepanek. “We are in operation at the French, our own operation, with our culture of the Davis Cup and our passion for this event . I’m assuming that nothing is frozen. It was such a pool in France . I think the players are aware that none of them has a permanent place in the team of France. For me, I’m not left with two players but with four or even five. And I know other guys who were not present here can join the group without weakening the level of this team. ”

Same story with Tsonga, natural team leader, follower of flexibility: “The priority is to win our games. Two guys we launch on Friday and see what happens. There are no rules. We just need everyone feels involved and gives 100% on the court every time. There is no other way to win the Davis Cup. Whether two or more, as is the case for the France team. ”

The Birth Of A Team

“It can be difficult to play three days in a row even though I think being able and Jo also says Gasquet. But I think it would certainly be the first single for Gael against Hewitt Sunday if we had lost twice. That’s what makes us strong today. “Tsonga goes even further. For him, “a team is born” Vendée “as the four players from the same generation (itself Gasquet, Monfils, Simon) were present.” Opportunity to put points on the i after several episodes of turbulence and controversy. “We tried to be more supportive to each other and especially to say things as they are. Do not lie, reveals Manceau. Were now trying to have a real group cohesion, not to scatter. It does indeed useless to scatter in the press. French fans do not want stories or anything else they feel like we win.Honestly, I feel that this is the first time since I was in the France team that there is this cohesion. “

Supporters français
Refusing to assume the label “new Musketeers” before bringing the Silver Bowl, the Blues are nevertheless conscious of having a nice card to play this year under a favorable picture. They still evolve at home against Germany in the quarterfinals (at the Sports Palace Jean-Weille Nancy): “We are favorites on paper, but we will address the meeting in the most serious way possible, with great humility warns Clement. This is a great opportunity to reach the semi-finals but face it, there will be players who will also want. “See you on April 4 for the rest of the adventure.