Chelsea PSG 2 0 The Tactics Of Neither Nor Laurent Blanc Was Expensive Parisians

Chelsea Beat PSG (2-0) In The Quarter-Final of The Champions League on 08.04.14 In London (K.WIGGLESWORTH/SIPA)

Without the desire to develop his football, PSG lost a quarter final widely in scope. The capital club leaves C1 with great regret, having played a half out of four. And it almost enough.

Laurent Blanc Had Predicted :

“We like to have control of the ball to cause problems to the opponent. If you want to become a major European team, he will have to apply this game plan wherever we go. It would be exceptional to qualify playing our game ”

chelsea psg 2 0 the tactics of neither nor laurent blanc was expensive parisians

Chelsea PSG 2 0 The Tactics Of Neither Nor Laurent Blanc Was Expensive Parisians

The analysis was fine and the unanimous conclusion: If PSG wants to see the semis, it will not be only defend. Fortunately, Javier Pastore released the park and allows Paris to go to London with a big lead. All lights are green.

The “Neither-Nor” Parisians

Except when you do not apply what is said, it can be expensive. By adopting the tactics of “neither-nor”, that is to say neither continue to have possession in the usual 433, or accept the domination of Chelsea with a diagram or a medium or as Cabaye Pastore who could bring binder in the vertical, PSG biting fingers and watching a Chelsea fighter without being grandiose, without dreaming bigger.

Then the excuses can be easy to find. Cavani was not a good night, Ibrahimovic has failed. But apart from individual failures or absences, there was yet instead. For this Chelsea, who likes to leave the ball to his opponent, yet had great difficulty when Paris intermittently dull and has even tried to attack. Bankruptcy is collective and the error is in the apprehension upstream of the shock.

Two Goals Do Not They Enough?

PSG could, and should, in a game like this, and with two goals ahead, impress as he knows so well to record and dictate the tempo to a Chelsea team that was not so well back in the game.

Alternatively, if Laurent Blanc decided to take Jose Mourinho has his own game, he could align input Cabaye as a man capable of looking ahead in his first hit of the ball. We can estimate that as 99% of coaches who have been in his place, Laurent Blanc was afraid of upsetting a eleven securely installed, and fear to focus on the ball.

Only deal with a coach who is part of the remainder, and which has truly enjoy receiving the return, it was not enough. And after ten minutes of observation, the Portuguese coach of Chelsea understood very well that the French were coming, hoping for a 0-0 or overjoyed, against an attack not really caused, evidenced by the positioning of Lavezzi and Lucas in the first half, almost to the height of Blaise Matuidi and Marco Verratti.

Revenues Of Defeat

Extremely low defensive block, no player can be placed between the lines to allow the attacking trio take prompt depth launched an eleven incoherent compared to his defensive tendencies, and a guideline poorly defined: here are all ingredients that made that PSG then could not live a remake of 1995, and it’s a lot when having to place in the European square.