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Spurs Sell The NBA Finals After Extension

Between The Spurs And The Thunder Had Not Yet Got A Hitchcockian Kind Of Scenario. Game 6 Has Filled This Gap By Offering Us A Close Game From Beginning To End With An Extension Bonus. And, once will not hurt ( bis ) is the visiting team finally managed to win. Yes , the Spurs beat the Thunder came home ... Read More »

Sterling Case: It Was Bound To Happen

Racism Donald Sterling returned to him in the face and cost him his place in the most amazing NBA.Mais rest his head did not fall sooner. The Donald Sterling will probably remain as the first great success of Adam Silver . Ricochet, it will remain as one of the failures of his predecessor, David Stern. Because what the (future ex?) ... Read More »

Winners Of Thunder The Pacers Back On Their Throne

Driven by his bench in the first half, Indiana has long been dogged by the Thunder but its owners were present in money time. If Roy Hibbert and George Hill are passed as ghosts in this showdown again, Paul George (20 points, 12 rebounds) and especially Lance Stephenson (17 points, 11 assists, 10 rebounds) actually enabled the Pacers s’ impose ... Read More »

LeBron Countered Miami Swept

For the first time the Big Three era, the Heat was beaten four times by an opponent in the same season. The Nets are the bane of official champion with a new successful one point (87-88). They took Miami in the game they wanted: Defence on half court with physical combat. It is not the stars that will tilt the ... Read More »

Oklahoma City San Antonio Stops

After 19 wins in a row, San Antonio fell on the floor of Okalhoma City, where Kevin Durant continues to shine. The Clippers have also bitten the dust. The Summary Of The Night: Unbeaten in 19 matches, “very impressive” in the words of their opponents, Stephen Curry being the latest, the Spurs have had a setback last night. Opposite its ... Read More »

Brooklyn Has Its Ticket

Winners of Houston, the Nets have validated their place for the play-offs. Golden State and Portland, also winners come close. The Summary Of The Night: Mocked early season results short of expectations, Brooklyn won last night the 5th ticket for the post-season in the East. For this, the Nets Jason Kidd, elected coach of March for his lecture, erased the ... Read More »

New York Still Alive

Victory more valuable to New York. By winning 84-89 at the Warriors, the Knicks are indeed returned to a Hawks game in the race for eighth place in the Eastern Conference. Enough to keep their hopes of┬áplay-off. Orphan David Lee and Andrew Bogut, both injured, Stephen Curry (32 pts) has yet failed to prove that he was able to win ... Read More »

Buzz Williams And Marquette Leaves Joined virginia Tech

Buzz Williams, who was the coach of Marquette for six years (five qualifications to March Madness) announced his departure to head the Virginia Tech team. He will sign a seven-year contract and $ 18 million at the Hokies, a donkey ACC cups. The news came as a thunderbolt as if Williams was on the shelves of prestigious universities like Texas ... Read More »

Tony Parker Man In A Hurry

There a few weeks ago, I had titled “Gregg Popovich thank you” for all that the coach of the Spurs brought basketball to the American and French both because it is probably a big part of the success of Tony Parker and Team France. Today is Tony Parker, whom I thank for his redemption Asvel . I state at the ... Read More »

March Madness Obama Is No Exception

The March Madness begins this week and America is working to achieve its “bracket”. Every year since 2009, President Barack Obama also made his predictions for the U.S. college basketball tournament. Which is not to everyone’s taste his constituents … Fever seizes the United States each year, in March. It is during this period that begins on university basketball tournament. ... Read More »