Castres Olympic: Recipes For Survival

Rugby. European cup. Friday (21.00) in Swansea for the return match against the Ospreys.

Still hope for the continental competition, Tarn must win in Wales and if possible with the offensive bonus. How?


Just before going to face the Ospreys on their lawn Liberty Stadium in Swansea and after a sluggish victory against the same team Pierre-Antoine (15-9, five penalties to three) the Castres Olympic is asked: how get a win, if possible enhanced, which would keep the European race?

Remain Patient And Focused

The “show” against Bayonne on lukewarm Heineken Cup meet Welsh, CO has he been too gluttony against the Ospreys? Not necessarily.

“This is not really at the strategy we sin, because we obtained test occasions, summarizes the manager Matthias Rolland. In my view, we have not taken the time to ensure the last acts in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtruth, when we were close to the line. We managed fine sequences, but upon arrival, it lacks the famous last pass. This will require extra concentration and willingness to overcome remaining patient and organized. That’s the key. ”

Yesterday, during training with opposition, emphasis was placed on the conservation of the ball. An axis of essential course work, provided be patient and concentrated effect.

Simplify The Task

Nevertheless, to keep the ball must still be in possession.But the castraise conquest is not always above reproach. Brice Mach who treated his shoulder and who can apply Friday, the solution is simple: “To score tries, simply go drop the ball in in-goal without making a mistake!” Like a joke of truism which means it must simplify the task!

Intrepid sometimes it becomes a success when quality is at the end, too often in a hurry, Castres Olympic forget when the application assumes the jersey favorite. David Darricarrere, the coach in charge of the backline, says: “We have lots of things to review. The strategy was good, it will remain the same, but it was awkward, there was a lack of concentration at times. It will therefore be more efficient, our goal is to keep the ball and push the opponent to make mistakes. ”

Returns Tales, Claassen And Evans

CO confirms loudly that he wants to exist at European level, it will perhaps means knowing that Friday to go to the Ospreys, it enjoys the return (after week of rest) of its international, Tales, Claassen , Evans.

It is the turn of Dulin, Bai, and Lazar rest. Three men are in the infirmary: Bonello (trapezoids) Martial (shoulder), Teulet (knee).