Buzz Williams And Marquette Leaves Joined virginia Tech

Buzz Williams, who was the coach of Marquette for six years (five qualifications to March Madness) announced his departure to head the Virginia Tech team.

He will sign a seven-year contract and $ 18 million at the Hokies, a donkey ACC cups. The news came as a thunderbolt as if Williams was on the shelves of prestigious universities like Texas or Oklahoma State, nobody saw him leave for as little as Virginia Tech team. The Hokies finished with a record of 9-22 last year including 2-16 in the ACC.

buzz williams and marquette leaves joined virginia tech

Buzz Williams And Marquette Leaves Joined virginia Tech

They have reached the March Madness twice in twenty-five years and basketball is a minor sport compared to the football team, the flagship university team.

“It is never easy to leave a great university like Marquette. I spent seven fabulous years, six as a coach. But I’m looking forward to the idea of ​​joining Virginia Tech. I have only heard very good things about this institution and I hope to build a quality program, “Buzz Williams said in a press release.

Buzz Williams therefore leaves a program that has reached the March Madness eight times in nine years and will reduce his salary of one million dollars per year to join Virginia Tech. A decision which does not hold in sport or financial but confirms the break between the Golden Eagles coach and athletic university management, which would have opened the door to his departure.Buzz Williams would also have liked to find the best coaches in the country within the ACC as Mike Krzyzewski, Jim Boeheim and Rick Pitino.

With a record of 139 wins and 65 losses in six seasons, Buzz Williams has 41 years one of the most talented young university championship coaches. But the season was ending an ordeal for Marquette, who finished with a mediocre record of 17-15. Several decisions of Buzz Williams have been criticized over the games, notably not to play his best as freshmen Deonte Burton or JaJuan Johnson.

“I am very confident about my ability to make the team competitive Virginia Tech in the ACC, the best conference in the country. I know I am able to recruit the best young players” added Buzz Williams.

While at Marquette, Buzz Williams has seen players like Wes Matthews, Jae Crowder, Jimmy Butler or Dwight Buycks. The Golden Eagles have already begun their search for a new coach Ben Howland and which led UCLA to three Final Four in 2006, 2007 and 2008, seems to be the favorite. Names Gregg Marshall (Wichita State) and Brian Wardle (Green Bay) also return often in rumors.