Brooklyn Has Its Ticket

Winners of Houston, the Nets have validated their place for the play-offs. Golden State and Portland, also winners come close.

The Summary Of The Night:

Mocked early season results short of expectations, Brooklyn won last night the 5th ticket for the post-season in the East. For this, the Nets Jason Kidd, elected coach of March for his lecture, erased the Rockets (105-96), a visit to Barclays Center, where guests are now unbeaten in 14 games! 4th place or 3rd for the time being held by Chicago and Toronto, are at hand.

brooklyn has its ticket

Brooklyn Has Its Ticket

And under the unbeaten home of Andrei Kirilenko partners, this could be decisive. Side match, Brooklyn showed an insolent success (53% shooting), thanks to Joe Johnson (32 pts) and Shaun Livingston (17 pts). Opposite, once again, James Harden (26 pts w-7) did what he could, but the absence of Dwight Howard (left ankle) was sorely felt, trademark, not to Rockets rebound where, thanks to the 23 “boards” Omer Asik (career high) outperformed limit the damage (44 vs 42). Never further than 11 points (mid-3rd quarter and 4th quarter), Houston is still unable to reduce the gap and is logically inclined. “After our early season, I knew that things would turn out. That changed with the new year. Now we are a different team with a different state of mind, and how to play different, “Johnson can satisfy. Note that this is the first victory against Houston Brooklyn home since March 2003.

In the other two matches of the night, Los Angeles has taken a new shine, this time against Portland (112-124). This is however not the fault of Nick Young, author of 40 points off the bench, the record of the season. But opposite, LaMarcus Aldridge (see MVP of the night) and Damian Lillard compiled 65 points between them. Note that Damian Lillard, author of a 5 out of 10 long-distance, set a new record for the franchise since it is the first player to score 200 Blazers shoots 3 points in a single season. This victory, facing defeat Houston, close to Portland 4th place in the West synonymous with home field advantage for the play off. Note that this is the 49th game of the season the Lakers. Another terrific record and the 1974-75 season will be matched! Blazers victory also leaves a little room on Golden State, winner in overtime to Dallas (120-122). Klay Thompson (27 pts, 5 rebounds, 5 wt) were equalized to take everyone in overtime (108-108), and it’s Stephen Curry (23 pts w-10) at the buzzer that gave the victory to his team, after a decisive against Jermaine O’Neal (20 pts, 8 rebounds) on Monta Ellis (27 pts). What impress even his opponent one night, Jose Calderon: “This is not the first time he managed this kind of shoot is a great player”. No doubt Brooklyn is a great player.

The Frenchy Night:

One French was committed that night in the League: Nicolas Batum. Norman did the work in the win against the Lakers with 16 points (including 4/5 to 3 points), 5 rebounds, 7 assists, 2 steals, for one lost ball.

N. Batum (Por): 16 pts, 6/13, 5 rebounds, 7 wt, 2 int, 36 min (tit)

The MVP Of The Night:

Nick Young, scorer of the night (40 pts) could earn our MVP of the night. But we are awarding to LaMarcus Aldridge. Return to the game week, the offensive leader of the franchise in Oregon did not take long to find the rhythm. Its 31 pts-15 rebounds-6 wt last night attest. Especially since they are following the 28 points scored against Memphis there two days. Good news for the Blazers for matches choppers to come.

L. Aldridge (Por): 31 pts, 12/20, 15 rebounds, 6 w, 1 int, 2 co, 33 min (tit)
D. Nowitzki (Dal): 33 pts, 13/21, 11 rebounds, 3 w, 2 int, 1 Co, 40 min (tit)
N. Young (LAL): 40 pts, 6/13, 4 rebounds, 1 br, 2 int, 33 min

Results Night:

Brooklyn – Houston 105-96
Dallas – Golden State 120-122
LA Lakers – Portland 112-124.