Boxing Manny Pacquiao Uppercut And It Starts Again

Saturday night, Manny Pacquiao puts his career at stake on the ring at the MGM Hotel in Las Vegas, Pacman will have the opportunity to put things “fists” face Timothy Bradley, almost two years after his controversial defeat on points against the American.

But more than however, is the future of the Filipino is about. Manny Pacquiao should indeed win to keep in elite boxing and prove as well as promoters fans he still punch and footwork. If he loses, it will record a third defeat in his last four outings and 35, the word retirement is on everyone’s lips.

Round 1: Draw A Crowd

The rematch between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley generates much more interest than their first confrontation in June 2012. At the time, Pacman Lord reigns on WBO welterweight category and has not lost a single battle since exactly 7 years 3 months! Facing him, the young American wolf, five years his junior, comes into the ring with the undefeated champion status in the lower, the lightweight category.

boxing manny pacquiao uppercut and it starts again

Boxing Manny Pacquiao Uppercut And It Starts Again

After 12 rounds, the fighters are still standing, while leaving their fate in the hands of judges. Two against one, they offer the victory to Bradley, while 55 of 58 media present see Pacquiao win. write the website even after this decision that the result is “the most blatant of the year hold up.” The controversy is so great that, in addition to whistles and insults, Bradley receives death threats. The Associated Press also take this controversy to post on Twitter a satirical message: “After investigation, the Attorney General of Nevada said that there is nothing criminal in the split decision victory for Pacquiao Bradley.” The Philippines where “Pacman” is idolized as Zidane in 1998, the defeat became an affair of state.

Pacquiao’s mother, after imploring his son to stop practising the noble art for years, it even went to his little comment: “I wanted you to stop years of boxing, but my son now. I want this rematch takes place! You have to redo this game and make things clear! ”

Thus, after such controversy, the two men put on a ring is a guaranteed viewer ship and revenue. To finalize the contract, Many Pacquiao has also agreed to pocket $ 20 million, or 6 less than in their previous encounter. A necessary sacrifice largely overtaken by the issue. Indeed, this war is a boon for Pacquiao who must rebuild its reputation after being knocked out by its archrival Juan Manuel Márquez in December 2012, six months after his backhand against Bradley. A KO a rare violence that will remain forever etched in the memories of boxing fans. To forget, what better than uncontested victory over Bradley, current champion, undefeated in 10 years, ranked third best boxer in the world by Ring TV and winner of Marquez in his last fight?

Round 2: Put KOs

“Pacquiao will have to kill me to stop me!” The tone is set and it is great, this is exactly what Pacman to revive his career, and he knows it: “This is a message to all boxing fans look at this fight All your questions will disappear.! . My hour has not come.” And yet, at its last face to Brandon Rios last November, the Filipino has not convinced despite his victory.

Applied seriously and mobile Filipino repeated his lines, while retaining. But without trying the fatal blow. Nobody disputes the technical and ‘clean’ sequences of “Pacman”. They make no doubt. But what about his killer instinct and his “grinta” essential in knife fights, as was the case in 2009 against Miguel Cotto last KOs inflicted by Pacquiao?

However, this eye of the tiger, now missing, was the leg of Manny for years … until this terrible defeat against Márquez. To be too aggressive, the Filipino was caught by the Mexican, who entered him by the hand when he attacked, sending it to the ground head first. Trauma that would have cooled Pacman? Anyway, facing Bradley, a few “pretty” acceleration will not suffice. Because if Pacquiao wants to win, he must find the rage in the attack and seek KOs by powerful strikes, creating situations “bar fight” where his technique makes the difference.

Round 3: Win Back Fans

Manny Pacquiao is 55 wins, including 38 KOs, and world championship titles in eight different categories. There are still not so long this living legend was considered the best fighter in the world in all categories. An accomplished sportsman known across five continents, a celebrity guest on TV trays, an image for brands, a demigod for his compatriots to become an influential politician. A subtle blend between Vitali Klitschko and Zinedine Zidane.

boxing many pacquiao uppercut and it starts again

Boxing Many Pacquiao Uppercut And It Starts Again

But that was before. Before moving two consecutive defeats that have deviated from rings for a year. Pacquiao won everything and has nothing to prove except oddly, in the ring. Beating significantly Bradley, Pacman can show he still has the fire and that he still has a few pages to write his legend. Only then it may possibly consider the conclusion of his epic rivalry with Marquez at a fifth fight. Before a final battle against Floyd May weather as a finale? These two have never faced in their careers and have the opportunity to shed light on a question that everyone asks and that they are the only two to be able to answer: which is the largest and best boxer of modern times?